The 21 Most Important Voyages By Animals Riding Animals

    Onward, noble steeds. To your place in history.

    1. The Great 1617 Voyage Across The Town Square, Undertaken By Cat Upon Dog

    2. The 1492 Long Journey Through The Barn, Undertaken By Duke Pugworth Upon His Valiant Steed

    3. Big Pimp The Pup's Expedition Through The Park Upon Turtle

    4. The Grand Quest Of The Haystacks By Gertrude The Great Upon Pony

    5. The 1835 Rat On Dog Christmas Conquest Of The Kitchen

    6. The Ten-Year Tour Of The Winter Mountains By Cat Upon Ram

    7. The Great Goat On Pony Crusade Through The Barnyard Of 1858

    8. The Perilous Dog On Dolphin Maritime Odyssey, Undertaken To Rescue Princess Furmopolis The Second Of The Lands Across The Water

    9. The Great Passage Of The Skies, Undertaken By His Grace Sir Monkey The Majestic On Goat

    10. The Great Dog On Dog Holy Pilgrimage To That Hole Behind The Garage

    11. The Far Journey Of Goat Upon Sheep Through The Grassy Plains Of Europe, 1945

    12. Boxer On Pig's 1434 Trip Along The Fence, Undertaken To Find The Lost Holy Bone

    13. The Great 1532 Journey Of Pup Upon Dog To Deliver The Yellow Flag To Her Royal Highness Queen Anne Of France

    14. The Excursion Of The Hardwood Floor, By Possum Upon Cat

    15. The Momentous Farm Trip Of His Royal Highness Prince Henry The Dog Upon Pony

    16. The Wombat On Turtle Cross-Country Travels Of 1933

    17. Dog The Explorer's Passage Of The Vast Greenlands Upon Sheep, Undertaken In The Middle Ages

    18. The Great Trek To The Tall Grass Of The Neighbor's Yard, Taken By Dog Upon Horse In The Year 1400

    19. The 1756 Expedition Of The Street, Undertaken By Parrot Upon Dog

    20. The Majestic Hike Of Lazy Cat Upon Tiny Dog Toward The Carpetlands Of The Next Room

    21. And The Great 1650 Exploration Of The Countryside By His Majesty King Charles The Chihuahua Upon His Noble Steed Sir Skip

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