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    The 18 Types Of Annoying Cats You Meet On Instagram

    "bae caught me sleeping."

    1. The cat that over-hashtags literally every ridiculous picture.

    2. The oversharer.

    3. The "foodie."

    4. The cat trying to convince you she has the perfect relationship.

    5. The cat that always thinks she's better than you.

    6. The cat who got married three months ago and won't stop talking about it.

    7. The cat who's just fishing for compliments and everybody knows it.

    8. The DIY cat who clearly wants you to tell her you like her "projects."

    9. The rebel celebrity cat.

    10. The cat who has literally no idea how to use Instagram or a phone or anything.

    11. The sports bro.

    12. The stoner cat.

    13. The cat who's always drunk.

    14. The cat who hates his entire life and wants you to know.

    15. The annoying teenage cat who's always bitching about mom.

    16. The depressed cat who wants to tell you about how awful her life is, but DON'T ASK.

    17. The annoying couple cat.

    18. And the cat who thinks she's sexier than everything even though she's basic.