The 31 Most Important Animal Invasions In All Of History

    Straight from the history books. I'm not making this up.

    31. The Great 1812 Puppy Invasion Of The Bathtub

    30. The Non-Violent Duck Revolution Against The Chinese Empire

    29. The 1698 Pug Conquest For The Couch

    28. The Corgi Campaign Of The Great Tractor Wars Of 1888

    27. The First Rush Of The Hardwood Floor Of 1910

    26. The Third Invasion On The Porch Of 2012

    25. The Outright Koalan Conquest Of Suburbia

    24. The Great Autumn Battle Of The Meerkats (1757)

    23. The Fierce Invasion Of The Felines On Mount Canine

    22. The Mythic Christmas Lizard Conquest Of The Year 1400

    21. The Lazy Pugged Invasion Of The Rug

    20. The Great Puppy Takedown Of Furmopolis The Majestic

    19. The Second Guinea Pig Crusade Of North Asia

    18. The Fourth Invasion Of The Bulldogs On Wagon

    17. The Great Puppy Rebellion Of The Seventh Feline Empire

    16. The Second Battle Of The Box Of 1778

    15. The Western Puppy Siege Of The Dirt

    14. The Formidable Goat Takedown On Mt. Horse

    13. The 1986 Expedition Of The Kitchen Of The Great Bunny Wars

    12. And The 1988 Battle For The Umbrella Of The Great Bunny Wars

    11. The First Intervention Of The Cats On Dog

    10. The Great Bulldog Contest Of Morals (1914)

    9. The Intervention For The Fallen Chip Of 1984

    8. The Second Invasion Of The Living Room (1499)

    7. And The Third Invasion On The Living Room (1501)

    6. The Great Bunny Media Takeover Of 1994

    5. The Peaceful Pug Revolt For The Kingdom Of The Kitchen

    4. The Fifth Lazy Cat Battle Of The War On The Backyard

    3. The Great Badger Occupation Of Europe

    2. The Battle For The Girl In Garbage Of The Raccoon Wars Of 1750

    1. And The Great Cat Office Takeover Of 2013*