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Posted on May 17, 2013

The 17 Creepiest Cats You Meet On OkCupid

I mean, one of these guys could be your cat-mate.

1. The sexually confident bro.

2. The desperate nerd.

3. The bragger.

4. The cat who was clearly high when he made this profile.

5. The "gentleman."

6. The disgusting sex monkey.

7. The murderer.

8. The philosopher.

9. The cat that's into weird sexual stuff.

10. The cat who cares more about food than he will ever care about you.

11. The cat who probably didn't finish elementary school.

12. The cat who gets straight to the point.

13. The overly confident show off.

14. The rubber.

15. The cat who knows just what he wants from you.

16. The rebel teenage cat.

17. And the creepy naked cat.

Inspired by this beautiful tumblr post.

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