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The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To Beyoncé's New Album

Beyoncé basically destroyed the entire internet. Shut it down.

1. Beyoncé swiping the entirety of pop music's faves onto the floor.

2. This epic comment on a picture of vegan cupcakes Beyoncé uploaded after the album was released.

3. This truth.

4. This flawless selection of priorities.

5. The one true application of the Emma Roberts' quote from American Horror Story.


6. The absolute thrill of Beyoncé dropping a napkin.

7. The sweep that saved the world.

8. This person from Tumblr who is NOT taking any chances with Bey stealers.

9. This flawless recap of Beyoncé's marketing strategy.

10. Whoever is injecting the essence of Bey directly into their very being.

11. The one true application of this Julie Andrews' quote.

12. This indisputable fact.

13. The word of Jesus.

14. The word of Spongebob.

15. The praise of Beyoncé's gold-covered shitted-on-'em-ness.

16. The embodiment of Beyoncé's bad bitchedness.

17. This uncomfortable realness.

18. The flawlessness of Beyoncé's No. 1 fans.

19. This accurate description of what Beyoncé does with her day.

20. This important religious observation.

21. This hopefulness for the future of the world Beyoncé has created.

22. This perfect headline.

23. And this 100% accurate summary of everything that went down.