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    25 Reasons "Kitty Kat" Is The Most Under-Appreciated Beyoncé Masterpiece

    Beyoncé AS A CAT. It's like she knew what the Internet would become.

    For the unfamiliar, "Kitty Kat" is a 2006 Beyoncé classic with an accompanying 58-second music video that is, without a doubt, her most unappreciated masterpiece.

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    1. First of all, and let's just get this out of the way, BEYONCÉ IS A CAT.

    2. She wears cat eyes.

    3. And ridiculously-perfect cat claws.

    4. And the most flawless big-cat, skin-tight bodysuit you will ever see on anybody ever again in your life.

    Soak it in.

    5. The choreography for "Kitty Kat" amounts to Beyoncé staring seductively into the camera...

    6. Writhing awkwardly on the floor and playing with her legs.

    7. Clawing at your face.

    8. Literally prowling across the floor like a cat.

    9. And then (this is absolutely real) lying on the ground with a giant cat.

    10. Literally she spends half of a 58-second music video prowling with a giant cat.

    11. And staring at a giant cat dressed as a cat.

    12. Of course, we have our classic Beyoncé eye movements.

    13. And wonderful Beyoncé sass.

    14. But also, we have Beyoncé running around with a giant spool of pink yarn.

    15. And mimicking the giant cat like this.

    16. And then getting hit in the ass with the giant yarn ball.

    17. There's the part where she tries to look fabulous while sitting on top of the giant cat.

    18. And the part where she does this in the giant yarn ball.

    19. And rides the giant cat some more.

    20. And takes it for a walk like this.

    21. And you're just thinking, "Am I really watching what I think I'm watching?"

    22. And then you realize, "Yes. Yes I'm watching exactly what I think I'm watching..."

    23. "...A fabulous Beyoncé masterpiece."

    24. And then, finally, Beyoncé claws at the giant spool of yarn like this.

    25. And you realize you've been missing out on this video for 7 years and it's probably the greatest thing she's ever done.

    Well, now you know.