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    24 Reasons "Single Ladies" Is Truly The Greatest Music Video Of All Time

    Let's be real. Kanye was absolutely right about this one.

    It's been four fateful years since Kanye West famously interrupted Taylor Swift's VMA victory speech to declare Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" one of the greatest music videos of all time.

    GARY HERSHORN / Reuters

    And guess what? KANYE WAS RIGHT because no other music video EVER MADE has ever lived up to the sass and style of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.”

    1. No other video will ever see Beyoncé's high-cut black leotard, heels, and bump-it in action with such attitude and grace.

    2. And NO OTHER VIDEO has this much diva ass-shaking, single lady realness.

    3. No other video features this much of Beyoncé's beautiful legs and arms in such flawless motion.

    4. Or her hips gyrating with such poise and passion.

    5. No other music video will EVER match this ass-slapping fierceness.

    6. No other video has this signature "Single Ladies" pump.

    7. Or this beautiful Sasha Fierceness.

    8. Or this immaculate shiny thigh movement.

    9. Or such impeccable leg motion.

    10. Or Beyoncé and her hair and her face and her clothes and her entire being at their absolute best.

    11. No other video will have such posture.

    12. Basically, no other video is "Single Ladies."

    13. No other video will EVER have this "Single Ladies" choreography.


    15. Or this beautiful display of independence.

    16. No other video will ever capture the empowering importance of this hand movement.

    17. No other video will make you want to be Beyoncé more than this.

    18. No other video has such perfect curves.

    19. In no other video does Beyoncé defy gravity like this.

    20. Or slap herself with such vigor as this.

    21. No other video will EVER be the same.

    22. No video will ever match this Beyoncé energy.

    23. Basically, Kanye was absolutely right this whole time.

    24. Because "Single Ladies" is actually the greatest music video of all time.