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24 Pug Puppies That Should Be Illegal

This is just not OK.

1. This little ball of pug stuffing.

2. This pug puppy who was very surprised by this empty bowl.

3. These very happy running friends.

4. This stumbling pug puppy and his very confused friend.

5. This hiccuping little bundle of fur.

6. This pug who is trying desperately to resist making out with his sleeping friend.

7. This puppy who's just very confused by everything happening around her.

8. This bubble-bearded pug.

9. This pug who was so suddenly overcome by his own insufferable cuteness.

10. This puppy who cannot handle either this blade of grass or his more rambunctious puppy friend.

Charges: Eight counts of pooping a half-eaten balloon from the birthday party we had three weeks ago.

11. This wide-eyed little puddle of pug joy.

12. This puppy who's fallen victim to his mom's embarrassing pranks.

Charges: Five counts of third-degree nibbling of the face.

13. This pup who can barely contain her enthusiasm for this day.

14. These Frenching pups.

15. This pug puppy who is just very overwhelmed with everything that's happening in the world.

Charges: One count of getting really excited about a toy and then never playing with it ever again even though it cost a lot of money.

16. This puppy enjoying a very nice chomp on her new toy.

17. This pup who wants very much to give you a nice hello.

18. This very happy pug puppy who is enjoying a nice afternoon in the arms of her best friend.

19. This pug who simply cannot handle the joy of this warm hair dryer.

20. This pup who has given up on his own life because he cannot handle his own adorableness.

Charges: Seven counts of gross neglect of responsibilities.

21. This pup who is very proud of her tiny teacup home.

22. This hot dog.

23. These puppies who are very excited to be friends and to be running and to be puppies.

24. And this winking pup who knows just how innocent he really looks.