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    Posted on Apr 1, 2014

    23 Moments From One Direction's New Fragrance Ad That Prove They Are Full-Grown Babes

    Welcome to babedom.

    1. When these two baberrific faces came right out at the beginning and stared into our souls with their penetrating babe eyes.

    2. This babe face Zayn is making with his eyes closed imagining what his life would be like if he did not become a full-grown babe even though it is impossible.

    3. This face Harry made thinking about his long journey to official babeness.

    4. This moment when Louis was like, "My babe scent is so thick, I can taste it on my tongue."

    5. This face Liam made showing his neck and his little neck birthmark and his beard that says, "This is a beard grown by a babe."

    6. This face that basically belongs next to the word "babe" in the dictionary.

    7. This round, plump babe face Niall had while staring at this hand.

    8. And this babe confused face while getting his chest rubbed.

    9. And this babe duck face

    10. When Louis could barely handle the musty scent of his own pungent babeness.

    11. When Zayn did this uncomfortable smile and the babe vibes were so strong, I could feel them like earthquake tremors beneath my feet.

    12. When Liam modeled this flawless face and you could physically feel the warm, smoldering babe fumes coming from the tiny babe wrinkles on his babe forehead.

    13. When Niall could barely control his face because the babeness was simply overpowering his delicate body.

    14. When Harry's hair could not wrap itself around the robust babeness that is his face.

    15. When Niall's soft babe armpit hairs crept from inside their home against his babe armpit skin.

    16. When they all touched babe hands.

    17. And reveled in their collective babeness.

    18. When the power of their babeness flowed through them so strongly, they could barely contain it in their tiny babe hands.

    19. When Niall's body simply caved with the weight of all this babeness.

    20. And he convulsed beneath the sheer power of the babe strength surrounding him.

    21. When all of their babe hands were just fluttering about.

    22. When Zayn's babe face was so strong that the closeness of the camera could not detect a single flaw in his strapping babe beard and babe eyebrows and babe eyes.

    23. And finally when they were all flawless babes together and their babe game was stronger than any one human can physically withstand.

    Watch a teaser of the full video here:

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