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    Posted on Aug 6, 2013

    Meet Mr. Gay World 2013

    Yes, there is a Mr. Gay World. Yes, he's a fitness-training, ballet-dancing hunk.

    Meet Chris Olwage.

    He might look like your average 27-year-old South-African-born New Zealand hunk, hanging out at the beach, looking pensive in a tank top and shorts.

    But ACTUALLY, Chris is the newly crowned winner of the 2013 Mr. Gay World competition.


    Chris was a Mr. Gay World contestant from New Zealand...

    Where he served honorably as Mr. Gay NZ, walking around in parades like this.

    And this.

    He was also a contestant on New Zealand's Got Talent...

    Where he performed as a bird ballerina...

    And did moves like this.

    Besides being the newly crowned gay ambassador to the world, Chris also enjoys dancing around the studio in heels.

    Stretching his legs in very small shorts.

    Pole dancing.

    Doing ballet in the forest.

    Holding goats.

    Being shirtless.

    Looking hot around rocks.

    Grasping a cliff.

    Looking like an adorable nerd.

    Hugging trees.

    Being a fierce gay bird ballerina.

    Taking sweaty selfies.

    Being an all-around diva.

    And generally being sexy and awesome and gay.

    In conclusion, this is Mr. Gay World and here he is holding a kitten.

    God bless.