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Matthew Mitcham Is The Most Adorable Olympian Ever

The openly-gay, Beyonce-singing Australian diver is everything an adorable, hot Olympian should be. And more.

This is Matthew Mitcham.

He's an Olympic diver from Australia.

Also he's super adorable.

Like, even Tom Daley thinks he's super adorable.

He can't even handle the adorableness.

Look here they are almost hugging.

Also he's crazy hot.

Also he can do this.

And this.

And this.

And he's always wet.

And sometimes almost naked.

Also he's gay.

Here he is being adorable with his boyfriend.

Here he is going to kiss his boyfriend after winning the men's platform gold in 2008.

Here he is as an adorable gay unicorn.

Also he has an adorable dog that he takes adorable pictures with.

Even he knows it's totes adorbs.

Also here he is with an adorable baby possum on his head.

Also he has an adorable butt.

Also he makes this adorable peace sign in almost every picture.

Also he met the queen and she was speechless.

Here he is being adorably sassy.

He's even adorable while eating Vegemite.

Basically he knows he's the most adorable athlete on earth.