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44 Life-Changing Things That Happen At A Beyoncé Concert

You don't go into a Mrs. Carter show without expecting to leave a changed person. You just don't.

1. When you're waiting for the curtain to rise and you just stand there and start thinking of all your hopes and dreams and everything in your life that's led up to this moment of waiting for Beyoncé.

2. And then, finally, when the queen herself rises from the ground and you stand there and scream and absorb her beautiful presence.

3. When she stands there for just a while longer and you can't believe that you're here, seeing Beyoncé in person, with every part of her flawless existence shining exactly how you imagined.

Robin Harper / AP

4. When she starts dancing and every move that you've memorized starts happening right before your eyes.

5. When she twirls her hips and twists her shoulders and everything is perfect.

6. When she touches your face and you feel like, if you were blind, this is the moment that you'd be able to see again.

7. Whenever sparks fall behind her and her legs shine like perfect, beautiful, never-ending pillars.

Robin Harper / AP

8. When she glows and every hope and dream you've ever had seems real and possible.

Robin Harper / AP

9. When she comes out in her sparkly purple jumpsuit and you wish, more than anything, that you could live your life as just one twinkling sequin on its shiny surface.

Robin Harper / AP

10. When everybody feels like they just aren't worthy to even stand in her presence.

11. And when she stands there and waits for you to scream as loud as you can and you do it because it's Beyoncé and you do whatever Beyoncé tells you to do.

12. When she catches you twerkin' in the aisle.

13. When her beautiful weave flows in the wind and your feel yourself get stronger with every wavy wisp.

Robin Harper / AP

14. When she bends backward and the light of God shines down upon her.

Robin Harper / AP

15. When she judges you for how insane you're being but you're like, "I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEYONCÉ JUST LOOK AT ME."

16. When she comes out singing "Naughty Girl" and a part of your soul leaves your body and you're left crying in a ball on the ground.

Frank Micelotta / AP

17. And when she goes up in flames and you wish you were just a tiny spark of the fire that licks her beautiful thighs.

18. The part where she leans over and she's just an inch closer to you than you've ever been to Beyoncé before.

Frank Micelotta / AP

19. When she jumps and it's perfect.

20. When she screams and you feel her presence penetrate your body.

Joel Ryan / AP

21. When she dances like this and it's just like, "Oh my god I don't even care how you look everything you do is heavenly."

22. When she looks out into the crowd and you can just tell she's looking right at you and wants to meet you and be your best friend.

Frank Micelotta / AP

23. When she shakes her ass and it's better than anything else that's ever happened in your life before this moment.

24. When she whips her hair over her head and you can actually feel yourself getting closer to the divine spirit.

Frank Micelotta / AP

25. When she gets all sassy and you feel the diva inside of you grow stronger.

26. When she sings like this.

27. And dances like this.

28. And rubs her booty like this.

29. And rolls her body like this.

30. And slaps an imaginary ass like this.

31. ...And you're just like, "I could actually die right now and I would be fulfilled."

Robin Harper / AP

32. When she tells you she's a grown-ass woman and you believe it because of course you believe it, Beyoncé said it, therefore it is true.

33. When she stands there like a boss and you bow down because she deserves it.

Robin Harper / AP

34. When she takes flight and you know you will never see a more beautiful thing in the air ever again in your life.

35. When she's on top of that piano in her sparkly purple outfit and her long hair and her sparkly shoes and the light hits her in just the right way and it's beautiful and perfect.

36. When she gets so into the song and you can feel how much she feels it and you just share that moment together with Beyoncé.

37. When her hair glows like an angelic mane and you can see yourself just living in it for the rest of your life, like just getting married and raising a family inside Beyoncé's hair.

Robin Harper / AP

38. When she laughs and then turns into a diva and you die a little inside.

39. When she smiles.

Robin Harper / AP

40. And everything glows.

Robin Harper / AP

41. When she sparkles.

42. When she comes out and sings her face off and you feel like nothing else matters at that moment because Beyoncé makes everything better.

43. When golden confetti falls from the ceiling and you feel yourself becoming a different, better, changed person.

44. And finally, when Beyoncé thanks you and she's crying and you're crying and everybody's crying and everything is just perfect because Beyoncé is perfect and your life is changed.