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44 Life-Changing Things That Happen At A Beyoncé Concert

You don't go into a Mrs. Carter show without expecting to leave a changed person. You just don't.

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1. When you're waiting for the curtain to rise and you just stand there and start thinking of all your hopes and dreams and everything in your life that's led up to this moment of waiting for Beyoncé.

3. When she stands there for just a while longer and you can't believe that you're here, seeing Beyoncé in person, with every part of her flawless existence shining exactly how you imagined.

9. When she comes out in her sparkly purple jumpsuit and you wish, more than anything, that you could live your life as just one twinkling sequin on its shiny surface.

37. When her hair glows like an angelic mane and you can see yourself just living in it for the rest of your life, like just getting married and raising a family inside Beyoncé's hair.

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