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Definitive Proof One Direction Is The Dorkiest Boy Band To Ever Exist

If the band's latest video (actually just an alternative version of an earlier video) is any proof, these five are actually the most awkward teenagers to ever form a wildly successful boy band.

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1. Because they try to look all dashing but they're actually just huge nerds.

In like an ENDEARINGLY nerdy way.

2. Because they are constantly slapping one another on the bum.

3. Because they make faces like this:

4. And this:

5. And because they dance like this:

6. And this:

7. Because they are constantly putting things in their mouths.

8. Because they're almost always moving their bodies in some awkward way.

9. And doing awkward things like this:

10. And basically being huge dorks.

11. Because they sing like this:

12. And this:

13. Because their dance moves are mostly just dorky flailing.


15. Because their faces almost always look something like this.

16. Because I think they're actually incapable of dancing like normal humans.

17. AND because they're always awkwardly kissing one another like this.

18. And this.

19. Aaaand this.

See the full dorky experience here:

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