31 Cats Who Have Seen Things You Wouldn't Believe

    You wouldn't BELIEVE the things they've seen.

    1. This cat who has seen the light.

    2. These cats who literally cannot talk about what they've seen because the shock is still too real.

    3. This cat who has seen the depths of the pink cardboard box.

    4. This cat who has seen the promise of the unicorn horn.

    5. This cat who has seen the dark side of this child.

    6. This cat who just can't talk about it anymore, it's too distressing.

    7. This cat who cannot discuss what he's seen because the memories are still too fresh.

    8. This cat who has seen inside the great cardboard box in the sky.

    9. This cat who's seen the entire past of this bear skin rug.

    10. This cat who is so utterly unhinged by the horrors he has seen, he is incapable of putting words to his thoughts.

    11. This cat who might tell you about what he's seen if you meet him outside after dark.

    12. This cat. This cat who has seen things no cat should ever see.

    13. This cat who thinks YOU CAN'T HANDLE WHAT HE'S SEEN.

    14. This cat who has seen the darkest depths of his own soul.

    15. This cat who is so traumatized by the reality of what he's seen, he can barely even enjoy his nip anymore.

    16. This cat who can't even think straight right now because of the things he's seen.

    17. THIS CAT. Who has seen the greatest depths of the bathroom sink.

    18. This cat who's seen the absolute worst of humanity, and he's speechless. SPEECHLESS.

    19. This cat who found your browser history.

    20. This cat who simply cannot fathom the things he's seen.

    21. This cat who is stuck in an utter stupor because of that thing she saw that one time.

    22. This cat who has seen the blade.

    23. This cat who's seen that thing you do when you think you're alone.

    24. This cat whose mind has been ravaged by the thought of the things she's seen.

    25. This cat who tries not to think about all he's seen.

    26. This cat. Who has seen it all. ALL OF IT. EVERY LAST BIT OF IT.

    27. This cat who cannot begin to explain to you the things she's seen.

    28. This cat, for whom the terrors are still too real to speak.

    29. THIS CAT. Who can't even socialize with other cats anymore, the horrors are still too fresh.

    30. This cat who's seen some of the worst things a cat should ever see.

    31. And this cat, who's lost all the things that once made him whole.