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24 Cats That Heard You Been Talking Smack

"You talkin' smack? 'Cause I heard you been talkin' smack."

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1. "Hey."

2. "Hey... guess what?"

3. "I heard you been talkin' SMACK."

4. "Yeah, bet you didn't think I heard, but I heard."

5. "Heard you been talkin' all KINDS of SMACK."

6. "Talkin' smack left and right."

7. "Talkin' smack all over town."

8. "And I heard all of it."

9. "'Cause I'm always listenin'."

10. "Heard that smack you been talkin' bout my mom."

11. "Read that smack you been talkin' bout me online."

12. "Heard that smack you been typin' to your friends."

13. "And, oh yeah, you think I didn't hear you talkin' that smack about me when I left the room, 'CAUSE I HEARD."

14. "So, listen here, bitch."

15. "You got something to say, you SAY IT TO MY FACE."

16. "'Cause I'mma hear ALL THE SMACK YOU TALKIN' ANYWAY."

17. "Yeah, you think I'm not always listenin'?"

18. "'Cause I'm always listenin'."

19. "And I'm always watchin'."

20. "And bro I WILL COME AT YOU."

21. "So don't go talkin' smack unless you wanna GET SMACKED, YA FEEL?"

22. "What's that?!"

23. "You got something to say while I'm here in front of your face?!"

24. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

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