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    34 Beautiful Reasons To Celebrate Rafael Nadal

    You're still a winner in our hearts, Nadal.

    So tennis sensation and all-around beautiful man Rafael Nadal was knocked out of the first round of Wimbledon.

    But guess what? DOESN'T EVEN MATTER. Because there's still like 5 billion reasons to celebrate Rafa Nadal.

    1. To start, he loves tennis, as evidenced by this intimate shirtless moment between him and his tennis racket.

    2. His arms are like tennis ball-smashing tree trunks.

    3. He looks very dashing in a suit.

    4. And, you know what, let's just get right to the point... He can fill out a pair of underwear.

    5. And a pair of jeans.

    6. Basically, he's just very good at leaning against things in his underwear.

    7. If there was an award for wearing underwear, I would give it to him.

    8. He can lay on the ground in underwear very well, too.

    9. Also, again, very good at wearing jeans.

    10. And sensually arching his back while doing a pushup?

    11. Anyway... He makes some of the best faces ever made by any athlete.

    12. His faces prove, obviously, that his head is always in the game.

    13. Always.

    14. Of course, he can make a mean sexy-face, too.

    15. He's very good at wiping himself with a towel in front of everybody while not wearing a shirt.

    16. In fact, he probably does this more than anything else.

    17. And he's very good at it.

    18. Of course, he's also good at ripping off his shirt in an empty parking garage like Superman.

    19. And stripping down to his underwear.

    20. He's also good at showering.

    21. And contemplating life without a shirt on.

    22. And lookin' swole and angry without a shirt on.

    23. And making this face without a shirt on.

    24. And just doing everything without a shirt on.

    25. He also looks majestic while shaking off his sweat.

    26. Like a beautiful, majestic Spanish swan.

    27. He's good at whatever he's doing here.

    28. And here.

    29. And he even looks beautiful sitting down with a nice refreshing cocktail.

    30. And basically, he's still a winner.

    31. And he still gets things like giant tennis birthday cakes.

    32. And he still has like a thousand trophies.

    33. So, chin up, Rafa.

    34. Because you're still beautiful and adorable and a winner to me.