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    27 Animals Who Are Feeling It So Good Right Now

    Oh. Oh, yes. Right there. That's the spot.

    1. This dog who is feeling this scratch so, so good right now.

    2. This owl who's totally feeling the complete ecstasy of this head rub.

    3. This guys who's like, "Oh. Oh, God yes. Rub my frickin' armpits. Rub them so hard."

    4. This cat who's like, "Oh. Oh, yes. Oh my God, your face is my LIFE right now."

    5. This corgi who is FEELING this vacuum SO GOOD right now.

    6. This pig who is so happy and feeling so good with all these puppies.

    7. This goat who's like, "Dude, your face feels so good against my face right now, you have no idea."

    8. This cat who is feeling the heck out of this belly rub.

    9. And this pug who's like, "God, yes, rub my effin' back, rub it like you've never rubbed anything before."

    10. This cat who's like, "Hell yes, you sensuous brush, I want to rub my face against your beautiful bristles until we're both satisfied."

    11. This dog who is feeling so good right now he can't even process how good he's feeling.

    12. This cat who is feeling this face rub so good, she doesn't want it to ever end.

    13. These puppies who are so into this tiny belly rub right now.

    14. This dog who's like, "Keep licking the inside of my ear... Oh, yeah... Get it deep... Get it deep in there."

    15. This ostrich who is feeling this zebra's butt so, so, so good.

    16. This cat who's like, "Yes, humans. Yes. Rub me, all of you, all at once."

    17. This cat who is feeling this brush so frickin' hard.

    18. This deer who's like, "If you ever even think about not scratching me with this brush, I will kill you. That's how much I'm into this right now."

    19. This cat who is enjoying everything about this entire keyboard scratch experience.

    20. This cat who can barely contain how good she's feeling about this scratch right now.

    21. This sloth who is totally, completely into this scratch, even though he probably doesn't even realize he's the one doing it.

    22. This cat who is like, "This feels better than how pizza tastes."

    23. And this cat who's like, "I can't even look at you, because if I move, I will vomit from how much this feels so good right now."

    24. This cat who is just feeling it all right in the face and it's so good.

    25. This cat who doesn't ever want the good feels to stop.

    26. This dog who's happy to return the good feelings because he just feels so good right now.

    27. And this cat, who's like, "I don't even care how gross I look right now, this shit feels so, so, so frickin' good."

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