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28 Animals That Are Really Trying To Be Your Friend If You'll Just Let Them


28. This camel that just really thought you were going to take him with you.

27. This stingray that just wanted a nice, friendly hug.

26. These geese that just wanted to maybe get a snack together without you running and screaming.

25. This camel that thought, oh, you know, maybe I'll finally show some affection.

24. This dolphin that thought, "Oh, I love her hair, I should tell her."

23. This deer that... to be completely honest, just wanted someone to hook up with tonight.

22. This elephant that just thought she would be NICE and type her number right into your phone.

21. This goat that just thought, "Oh, did you say your muscles were tightening earlier? Let me help loosen you up."

20. This dog that honestly just thought you would enjoy his butt in your face, it was a nice gesture, he swears.

19. This elephant that just wanted to go right in for a little nose-to-nose action and thought you'd reciprocate.

18. This cat that just doesn't understand why you're SCREAMING AT HER because she just wanted to talk and maybe grab a drink.

17. This penguin that really just wanted to give you a compliment without you FREAKING OUT.

16. This seal that honestly has been holding in a lot of his feelings and wanted to share but now you seem like you're pulling away.

15. This monkey that thinks, "Oh, hey, I think I actually paid for this meal for both of us, so maybe you should share?"

14. This dog that really just wanted to compliment your new hair.

13. This dog that thought you two could just enjoy some cuddling in the backseat?

12. This cat that really just wanted to give you a face rub.

11. And this one.

10. This sheep that thought, "Oh, girl, I love dancing!"

9. This bird that REALLY wanted to show you his special talent.

8. This camel that thought a little friendly chomp on the tush would be fun and not at all aggressive.

7. And this camel that honestly just wanted to shout a friendly hello.

6. This cat that just wanted to pet you nicely on the head.

5. This bird that just wanted to give your ear a little friendly peck.

4. This dog that thought, "Let me play hard to get. She'll LOVE this."

3. This sheep that just wanted you to go swimming with him.

2. This goose that just wanted to go on a friendly bike ride.

1. And this dog who honestly thought you needed a good break.