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31 Animal Pictures You Cannot Explain

I have 3 million questions about each of these pictures.

1. This saucy monkey posing seductively atop this scantily clad beachgoer.

2. This cat and her tinfoil-wearing bestie.

3. This pig who is also a wall socket.

4. This cat and his boob-wearing bestie.

5. This dog who is also a farmer.

6. This Teletubbie bull wrangler.

7. This friendly pelican trying to give this woman a smooch.

8. This monkey and his matching best pal.

9. This girl serenading her chickens with a beautiful jazz rendition of the Kanye West hit classic "Gold Digger."

10. This horrifying dalmatian.

11. This beautiful, loving couple of friends.

12. This totally not sketchy dog just looking to meet some people on the street.

13. These cats waiting for the 7-Eleven to open.

14. This goat just making a phone call?

15. This goat and his rude little friends.

16. This goat buying cigarettes and booze.

17. This dog who is also a person.

18. These dogs who each have their own personal swimming pool.

19. This chicken who is too big for this wagon.

20. This pig who is also the sassy center of attention.

21. This cat who has horrifyingly large lips.

22. This camel and his family just going to the local Wal-Mart.

23. This goat who is also a terrifying ghost.

24. This alligator who is best friends with this woman and he doesn't even care who knows.

25. This pony in fab sneakers.

26. This rad bunny on a motorcycle.

27. This camel chugging some orange drank.

28. This llama and his girl best friend getting interrupted by this RUDE BIRD.

29. This cat that might also be a puddle.

30. These dogs who might also be in a cult.

31. And this dog searching hopelessly for his lost keys.