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31 Animal Pictures You Cannot Explain

I have 3 million questions about each of these pictures.

1. This saucy monkey posing seductively atop this scantily clad beachgoer.

Why is this monkey on a beach? Where did he get his bathing suit from?

2. This cat and her tinfoil-wearing bestie.

Where did they learn to make these fab tinfoil hats?

3. This pig who is also a wall socket.

Where did he, a pig, learn how to wall socket?

4. This cat and his boob-wearing bestie.

Why is this man wearing plastic breasts? Why does the cat seem so unconcerned?

5. This dog who is also a farmer.

Why is he a farmer? How does he, a dog, know how to dig with a shovel? Where did he get his hat? HOW DOES HE KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THAT CHICKEN?

6. This Teletubbie bull wrangler.

Why is this Teletubbie wrangling a bull?

7. This friendly pelican trying to give this woman a smooch.

Why does this women not appreciate this friendly pelican's attempts at a smooch?

8. This monkey and his matching best pal.

Why are they sitting on that weird rug? What does that sign mean? Where did that monkey find a matching shirt? Where did that kid get that big bruise on his knee??

9. This girl serenading her chickens with a beautiful jazz rendition of the Kanye West hit classic "Gold Digger."

How does this girl even know that these chickens are Kanye West fans?

10. This horrifying dalmatian.


11. This beautiful, loving couple of friends.

How did they meet? How many dates have they been on? Did she buy him that gorgeous tie?

12. This totally not sketchy dog just looking to meet some people on the street.

Who's he lookin' to meet? What's in that backpack? Why is he wearing sunglasses but not PANTS?

13. These cats waiting for the 7-Eleven to open.

Why are they waiting? Aren't 7-Elevens ALWAYS open? What kind of 7-Eleven IS THIS?

14. This goat just making a phone call?

Where did he, a goat, learn to telephone?

15. This goat and his rude little friends.

Where did this goat even meet these kids? Why hasn't he realized yet that they're a bad influence on his life?

16. This goat buying cigarettes and booze.

Doesn't this goat know that smoking is for losers?

17. This dog who is also a person.

18. These dogs who each have their own personal swimming pool.

Why do they each need their own swimming pool?? THERE'S A WHOLE BIG SWIMMING POOL FOR ALL OF THEM RIGHT THERE.

19. This chicken who is too big for this wagon.

Why is this chicken even in a wagon? Why can't he walk like the rest of the chickens?

20. This pig who is also the sassy center of attention.

Why can't this pig just do her own hair like the rest of the pigs?

21. This cat who has horrifyingly large lips.


22. This camel and his family just going to the local Wal-Mart.

What are they buying? Why does that man need a dog and a camel? Why does the camel even have to be on a leash, he's not going anywhere?

23. This goat who is also a terrifying ghost.

24. This alligator who is best friends with this woman and he doesn't even care who knows.

Why should he even care?

25. This pony in fab sneakers.

Where do they even make fab pony sneakers?

26. This rad bunny on a motorcycle.

Where did this bunny even get a motorcycle? How did he, a bunny, learn to motorcycle? WHY IS THIS GIRL RUINING THIS BUNNY'S 'CYCLE STYLE?

27. This camel chugging some orange drank.

Does this camel even LIKE orange drank??

28. This llama and his girl best friend getting interrupted by this RUDE BIRD.


29. This cat that might also be a puddle.

How did this cat become a puddle? Why are cats even the way that they are?

30. These dogs who might also be in a cult.

How did these dogs join this cult? What do they believe? What are they chanting?

31. And this dog searching hopelessly for his lost keys.

How did he lose his keys? Why does he think this is where they are? How is this entire situation physically possible?