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37 Reasons Why Staying In Is The Best

Why go out to a stuffy, crowded bar when you can stay home, take off your clothes, and consume a pizza and an entire bottle of wine?

You're finally home and can kick off your shoes!

So why not just STAY INSIDE??!

1. Let's get right to the point: Your friends are probably gonna get annoying and drunk anyway.

2. Then someone will get WAY too clingy.

3. And things'll get REAL weird REAL quick.

4. BUT if you stay can lounge around in your sweats.

5. Or your panties.

6. Or, hell, NOTHING AT ALL.


8. You can wriggle out of that uncomfortable sweater you hate.

9. You don't have to worry if it's raining or snowing outside.

10. You can just curl up on the couch next to a comfy pillow.

11. Wrap yourself in a blanket.

12. Maybe read a book?

13. Definitely watch your shows.

14. Or watch "Matilda" on Netflix.

15. Or just surf the sites.

16. You can be your weird self.

17. Do that freaky thing you always wanted to try.

18. Just think of all the money you'll save by NOT GOING OUT!

19. Obviously, you can crack open a soda.

20. Or a cold beer.

21. Or a whole bottle of wine.

22. And sit back with a friend and guzzle.

23. And, when you're inside, you have free access to all of your food reserves.

24. Or you can order a pizza!

25. Most importantly, you can just sit back.

26. Collapse.

27. And forget about that long week you had at the office.

28. Put your legs up.

29. Slide into a comfortable position.

30. And chill.

31. Nobody to worry about but yourself.

32. Nothing to worry about until Monday.

33. You can just lounge.

34. Lounge as hard as you want.

35. Pull up the covers.

36. And pass out whenever you want.

37. Best of all, you'll be home and ready for brunch the next day!