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17 Reasons Gym Class Was Actually The Worst

"Physical education is my favorite," said nobody ever.

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OK. When you're a kid, gym class is actually awesome.

ESPECIALLY when the parachute comes out.

But then you get a little bit older...

...and realize gym class is actually the worst.

Let us count the reasons...

1. Physical activity is just awful.

Pretty much no exceptions.

2. The gym teacher has literally no idea what's going on ever.

3. One kid always takes things wayyy to seriously.

4. Every time you try to be active, this happens.

5. Or this.

6. Or this.

7. You're expected to "run."

How bout no?

How bout no?

8. And "participate."

9. But when you try, this happens.

10. Or this.

11. Or this.

12. But mostly this.

13. Like, especially this.

14. ALWAYS this.

15. Gym class is nothing but pain.

16. And regret.

17. And it's the worst.

But at least we have lunch!

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