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Whoms Mans Are You?


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  1. Whatm do you look for in a rummate

    Always people over
    A housewife to keep u up at night
    Always laying the opposite way in bed
    Always in bed
  2. Whatm would say

    prob an insult cuz I'm the best
    "Think about your goals"
    "We should find the girl on the cooking show, I wanna date her"
    "come out, it's monday night"
  3. Howm long can you last ;)

    very long time!
    very short time!
  4. What does your pregame look like

    Tears bc i don't like drinkin
    getting wasted immediately
    Drink too much and die in an hour
  5. What happens during your night out?

    Achiev a false sense go hope
    Snapchattin messages i shouldn't
    fall in love
    call my homies
  6. Whatm are you doing after a night out

    Imma fall asleep not in my rum
    Dumpin gatorade on hoes
    Reflect on false sense of hope
    get super ANGERY and destroy stuff
  7. Whatm are you eatin for breakfast on the weekend

  8. Whatm are you doing after class

    gym(cardio bitch)
    gym(picking things up and putting them down)
    cry in my dorm
  9. Whatm do you look for in a girl

    on tinder
    rather smol
  10. what are you listening too

    lo-fi hip hop
    music in ALL CAPS
    dab dab dab!!!!!!!!!
  11. whatm else do you look for in a womens

    name starts with J
    has to be a mami (aka hispanic)
    actually pays attention to me:(
  12. whatm body mod are u

    lip piercing so i can say "Ever make out with someone with a lip piercing?"
    super sick tat so i can say "wanna see my rocket ship;0"
  13. whatm is the meaning on life

    Get a shitty job an make good money!!!!!!
    Get a good job an make shitty money!!
    be 300 lbs
    destroy the patriarchy

Whoms Mans Are You?

You got: Evan

Evan wishes to achieve his goals although he always gets a false sense of hope. Desires to be fAT and spends his days in the gym thinking more on his goals. He is looking for a womans on cooking shows (must start with j!!!!! only j!) to get a shitty job and make mad $$ with. When its time to party it is #sadboyhours and sleepin in the bathroom is a must. doesn't last long (sry ladies) but don't worry the lounge is lit ;) enjoys pasta for breakfast

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You got: Waif

Waif aspires to be the best he can be, whether through being a huge pus or studying history (very competitive job market)!! He can't take any shots w/o dying but will dance the night away. He is looking for a girl (Ideally exotic and on tinder) to settle down with and have many children with- preferably b4 college ends. Also loves Trump and southern girls. Can last forever in the pool but for no time in the gym. enjoys pasta for breakfast.

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