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20 Must-See Places Before The World Ends

It's 2012. And it seems like something much, much worse than what the Mayans predicted is coming--and much sooner than you'd think. These are the twenty places you definitely want to see before it's all over.

1. The Amazon

2. Antelope Canyon

3. Uluru (Ayers Rock)

4. Bora Bora

5. Victoria Falls

6. Norwegian Fjords

7. Santorini

8. Iceland

9. Moraine Lake

10. Petra

11. Machu Picchu

12. Plitvice

13. Great Barrier Reef

14. Sistine Chapel

15. Stonehenge

16. Taj Mahal

17. Palace of Versailles

18. Great Wall of China

19. Angkor Wat

20. Church of Our Virgin Mary of Zion