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Sierra Madre Move Out

Are you ready to move out? Probs not. Here are some important information to remember as you leave Sierra Madre to head on to your next summer adventure!

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1) You must be out of the building by 12:00 p.m. Sunday.

Housing asks you leave 24 hours your last final, if that is not Saturday at noon don't be here Sunday at noon.

2) Leave your room the way you found it

This includes moving all furniture back to the way you found it, emptying trash, putting back the extension cords, etc.

3) Coordinate with your roommates. Last person to move out must have a standard check out.

Fill out the papers your RA has given you about who the last to move out is.

4) Start packing early. You can donate clothes, items, and food to people in need.

The sooner you start packing the less stressed you can be and also the sooner you can leave.

5) Submit Service Requests

Charges will be less if you submit the requests before you move out.

6) Housing violations will be handled through OSRR

ANY violations will be sent to OSRR and students can be put on 6-12 month probation. BAD

7) Any questions? Ask the RA or the front desk

The desk is open from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. The RA on call has a phone all night.

8) Say goodbye to your RA and friends.

They will miss you. You might miss them. Please say bye bye bye

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