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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Just About Anyone Keep Their Home Organized

    Whether it's in your kitchen, your bathroom or your home office, we could all use *a little* more organization. Or a lot.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wall-mounted closet kit that's a breeze to install, so you'll be able to keep all your 'fit options straight and *finally* remember to wear that one shirt. The minimalistic design allows your clothes to take center stage and the neutral white finish means that it will look great with any decor.

    The kit mounted on a wall with clothes hanging on it

    The kit comes with three 26-inch shelves, two 36-inch shelves and two 36-inch top rails.

    Promising Review: "I originally bought this to create more space in my children's room. Their room is more organized, I can now see what belongs to whom and I got rid of the bulky dresser that was in the room. I must say, it makes it a lot easier for me to put up clothes and the shelves give you that extra storage that you could always use." —WardenWife09

    Price: $65.00

    2. A mobile storage cart with locking wheels so you can ~roll~ with whatever the day throws at you. Whether it's functioning as a toddler's coloring desk or a makeshift cocktail bar, this versatile piece keeps all the clutter in one manageable place.

    The 3-tier cart in black being used as a decorative side table

    The steel-framed cart is available in black, gray or white to suit any style.

    Promising Review: "It rolls like a champ and is exactly what I needed to move my partner's BiPAP machine and it's accessories from room to room. I love this thing! Maybe I need another. :)" —claudine

    Price: $53.37 

    3. An industrial brown desk with plenty o' shelves to keep your WFH essentials at the ready. And if you're scarred from Ikea furniture-assembly nightmares, rest easy — this desk's assembly requires zero tools and takes less than a half hour.

    The desk being used as a home office

    This desk is also super lightweight and easy to move,  just in case you can't decide where you do your best work.

    Promising Review: "It was easy to put together and very solid. Easy storage and organization spaces especially if you buy desk organizers or bins. Perfect for studying at home." —Celeste

    Price: $57.99

    4. A wrapping paper organizer because sometimes it's the little things that count the most! Every person will need to wrap a gift at some point, so make it less about searching your house for that *perfect* piece of ribbon and more about honing your craft.

    The organizer holding wrapping supplies

    It can hold up to eight rolls (even the long ones!) and has compartments for gift bags, ribbon, tape, and scissors. 

    Promising Review: "I had several rolls of wrapping paper that were longer than the normal ones and they were sitting in a bag in a corner of the room. Now, I have all the long rolls organized and in one place. Wish I would have bought more." —wiffylee

    Price: $15.80

    5. An expandable cutlery organizer to help you focus on your food goals without the annoyance of disorganized or missing tools. Also, your girl is a *big fan* of anything bamboo — it's sustainable, elegant as heck, lasts FOREVER and is easy to clean. Haphazardly throwing all of your utensils into one drawer? Have I got the product for you!

    The organizer

    Promising Review: "I live in an older house with odd-sized, custom-made drawers and cabinets, so when it comes to purchasing standardized items like drawer organizers, I can never find anything that fits. This does the job!" —MFA

    Price: $13.98

    6. A set fun lil' bins perfect for kiddos, adults and lovers of bright colors! *Raises hand.* They're drop and crack resistant with a clear lid and most importantly, can prevent up to 100% of stepping-on-Legos cases.

    A purple storage bin with children's blocks inside

    Each set comes with six bins and is available in six colors. 

    Promising Review: "Sturdy and brightly colored. Perfect for storing under sink items." —Nokimis

    Price: $21.18

    7. A fun desk organizer set that may actually make you *want* to get organized. The wire organizers come in an aesthetically pleasing copper finish that is v 'grammable.

    All 5 of the pieces in the set in use in a home office

    The set includes a letter organizer, pencil holder, sticky note holder, letter tray and hanging file organizer.

    Promising Review: "Exactly what I wanted. It's sturdy, pretty, and helps me keep my desktop more efficient." —Gael

    Price: $23.99

    8. A set of clear fridge and freezer bins so you always know exactly what your food sitch is. Plus, they've got handles for easy snacking access.

    The bins filled with food items in a refrigerator

    The set comes with one egg holder, one drink holder, two wide trays and two narrow trays.

    Promising Review: "Game changer for organization of my food. I thought I didn't really need to spend money on this but I'm sold. This will keep my family from wasting food." —Kathy

    Price: $34.99

    9. A rolling laundry cart designed to fit in small spaces, maximizing storage and minimizing clutter. Can't find your ~Springtime Fresh~ dryer sheets? They're right here.

    The cart being used to store laundry supplies

    Promising Review: "There is not a lot of storage in my bathroom. I was able to fit this little guy in a small awkward empty space between my tub and sink. Now I have shelves to put hair products, my blow-dryer and makeup." —Agal

    Price: $22.78

    10. A trifecta of textured kitchen canisters that are so cute, you'll have no choice but to fill them up with your countertop essentials. And! They come in 10 different (equally adorable, I can confirm) colors to match any kitchen vibe.

    The canisters in tide blue in the kitchen

    The set comes with one 24-ounce canister, one 38-ounce canister and one 72-ounce canister. 

    Promising Review: "They look really nice and are quite solid. They are a decent size for my needs. They look much better on the counters than the coffee can and sugar jar they replaced.  If you are looking for bulk storage, get something else, but if you want cute and convenient, these are perfect!" —Charlotte

    Price: $24.27

    11. An eye-catching metal bookcase with tempered glass shelves so you can finally display all of the trinkets lying around your house. Plus, it looks like a piece of ~modern art~ so your living room is basically a MoMA now.

    The narrow gold bookcase with office supplies on it

    Promising Review: "Love it! I bought it to create a reading corner for my kids. It looks elegant and is easy for the kids to access their books from the bottom shelves. I'm ordering another one to display my handbags." —leila

    Price: $109.00

    12. A triple-bin laundry sorter because *apparently* you're supposed to be doing that. This bad boy will make sorting a breeze with its three removable compartments, and when you're done, you can fold it and roll it away like nothing happened.

    The laundry sorter

    The durable steel frame and machine washable hamper bags ensure that this will be a ~forever purchase.~

    Promising Review: "I love this hamper! It is perfect for keeping clothes separate and I can quickly throw a load in the washer. It took less than five minutes to assemble." —LookinForBargins

    Price: $67.99

    13. A medium-duty track storage system, because your brooms and mops deserve love too! The nonslip, vinyl-coated grip-clamps mean that your cleaning essentials won't fall off the rack but will still be easy to remove when you need them.

    the storage wall rack with duster, shovel, and baseball bats hanging in it

    Promising Review: "Holds brooms and such just like the photo. I like the swinging hooks that can accommodate different sized items, and the fact that gravity tightens their grip." —DIYengineer

    Price: $25.85

    14. A handy-dandy desk organizer so you can switch from hour five of doom-scrolling into ~professional mode~ at a moment's notice. This bb will wait patiently on your desk — lookin' pretty all the while — until you need a sticky note and a pen, stat.

    The white organizer holding office supplies

    Who knew you had so many pen options lying around?

    Price: $25.00

    15. An appealing-as-heck storage bench to create a designated area for leaving your stuff when you get home. Customize it by picking from *six* sophisticated finishes and adding some matching storage bins, too.

    The four-cube bench in brown with two white storage cubes in it

    Promising Review: "I've been looking for a bench for my dining area that can also be used as storage. I also needed comfortable seating for little ones, tall enough so they can reach their dinner easily. This was a perfect fit! I have the bench set up right up against the wall and added some pillows. The espresso color matched my table perfectly!" —gaonue

    Price: $99.00

    16. An over-the-door shoe rack, so you can indulge your footwear obsession without taking up any more floorspace. It will be a perfect fit whether you have three pairs of shoes (weird) or you have a DSW sitting at the bottom of your closet.

    The shoe rack hanging on the back of a bedroom door

    This rack can be displayed over a door or mounted to a wall and reviewers are here for that versatility.

    Promising Review: "Love it. It's perfect for small spaces. Threw all my old shoe boxes out and I've got some organization now! It won't tear up your door either!" —Jazmine

    Price: $19.88

    17. A minimalist faux marble jewelry organizer to keep track of your ~precious jewels.~ Pro tip: leave this open as a low-key flex for your guests. Yeah, I'm fancy.

    The open faux marble jewelry organizer with jewelry inside

    The resin organizer features a faux marble finish and opens to reveal four compartments and a vanity mirror. 

    Promising Review: "This is somewhat heavy, but stays in place on the dresser. It has nice compartments for putting items in order. I like the marbled design and texture. It closes nicely and looks great on display. I would recommend this for jewelry organization." —Inamagura

    Price: $18.97

    18. A tried-and-true countertop turntable so you can achieve maximum kitchen efficiency by always being able to see the status of your most important ingredients. The surface has a textured nonskid mat so your oregano won't go flying when you spin this *a little* too aggressively.

    The white turntable holding ingredients on a kitchen counter

    The nonskid mat is easy to clean with soap and water, in case your bottle of olive oil springs a leak.

    Promising Review: "Works well to keep my skincare routine organized! This turntable is great for keeping things straight (a.m. vs p.m. routine) and the nonskid surface helps things to not move when the table is turned." —JunkyardPrincess

    Price: $7.72

    19. A set of four under-bed boxes because who knew you were letting so much storage space go to waste. Change your ways now by neatly storing your off-season and less-used fashion down there.

    A hand reaching under a bed sliding out one of the clear boxes

    Reviewers also like stacking these boxes in their closets.

    Promising Review: "I have an elevated bed frame and these fit nicely underneath, stacked by two. I use mine for storing bedding and other related items. I really like the fact that they are transparent so I do not have to open every box to see whats inside. That is a major plus! They are flexible and the plastic seems quite durable." —Ced45

    Price: $43.63

    20. A set of two genius drawer dividers to solve the disorganized chaos of drawer black holes. They're made of 100% bamboo for a more ~elegant~ look than traditional plastic dividers.

    The two bamboo dividers

    Each divider expands from 17.5-inches to 22.98-inches to fit most drawers and has nonslip rubber pads on each end to hold it in place.

    Promising Review: "Makes me smile every time I open the drawer because everything is neat and easy to find! No more digging for loose socks mixed in with panties, LOL. Why didn't I do this sooner?! Product would benefit anyone who wants a little less aggravation when getting ready in the morning." —ANNIE

    Price: $12.74

    21. A sliding paper and mail organizer to neatly sort your most important documents. Its five sliding tiers ensure easy access to not only your files, but to that #professionallife. Why yes, Mr. Smith, I have your dossier right here.

    The organizer with papers in it

    Promising Review:  "I had been searching for an appropriate manner by which to conveniently organize my many documents, and this product surely fulfills that purpose. Having five tiers, with plentiful capacity to hold a large assortment of papers, many documents are always kept conveniently organized and ready to access at anytime. It is a nice alternative to filing cabinets." —LOYAL2WMT

    Price: $18.28

    22. A faux leather storage ottoman for those of us who want to *appear* organized but also collect throws and pillows. Store 'em away when the judge-y friends (or fam) come over but keep them close at hand for when you're settling in for a cozy TV sesh.

    The ottoman in brown with pillows and magazines inside

    It features a hinged opening for easy access and comes in two neutral colors to fit any color scheme.

    Promising Review: "I bought this for my dog. I wanted something he could sit on to look out a window and this fits the bill perfectly. It came completely assembled, is sturdy enough to easily hold a 35-pound dog, and looks really nice. The interior is roomy enough for storing some throws and/or blankets." —Dishless

    Price: $48.24

    23. A convenient spice rack so you can utilize *all* of the ingredients despite your limited storage space. Cut to me having five jars of cinnamon because I couldn't find the first one.

    The three-tier wire rack holding spices

    This rack fits most spice containers and can be mounted on your wall or in a cabinet because ~options.~

    Promising Review: "All my spices are now in one location. Love that it holds different kinds of jars. Perfect for my needs." —CAROLYN

    Price: $29.99 

    24. An elegant floor cabinet so you can hide your clutter behind a beautiful textured glass door. Your guests will be complimenting you on this tasteful piece and all you'll be thinking is: dang, I clean up nice.

    The cabinet

    Promising Review: "Great little cabinet for the bathroom. I was looking for something that would fit in my small bathroom to hide all my creams, soaps and odds and ends. It looks expensive, and it's easy to wipe down." —Sandi

    Price: $70.00

    25. A neat 'n' tidy divided storage tray perfect for keeping track of your many ~products.~ It's clear design and three separated compartments ensure your essentials are well-stocked and ready to perform when you need them. As one reviewer put it, "Handy as heck!"

    The divider holding makeup products

    This isn't just for the bathroom. Reviewers use it in their kitchen, home office and craft rooms, too!

    Promising Review: "I love this vanity organizer because it fits perfectly inside my bathroom drawer. It has little ridges on the inside of the bottom of it which I like a lot because it's better for makeup to have air circulation around it. It's easy to wipe out and clean." —LadyBat

    Price: $8.97 

    26. A hanging closet organizer for a horizontal storage solution in an otherwise vertical space. Reinforced bamboo shelves add a touch of class and are durable enough to handle even the chunkiest of sweaters.

    The 6-shelf organizer in use in a closet

    Promising Review: "I bought two of these and got rid of my chest of drawers. I've got a good dozen T-shirts, 20 pairs of sock, a memory box, slippers, sweaters, belts and lingerie in them. They do not sag! And the very wide velcro that holds the strap around the closet rod is sturdy and has never had to be readjusted. Its cloth is like a heavy canvas and the wood on the bottom of the shelves is thin, but not bendy cheap wood." —ElizabethinSeattle

    Price: $11.56

    27. A ready-for-anything metal shelf that can conquer any storage task you throw at it. It is an endlessly versatile piece and the durable welded wire construction means that it will be with you F O R E V E R.

    The shelf in black holding miscellaneous items

    The shelves are all adjustable to make sure anything fits and the unit comes in black or silver.

    Promising Review: "I do love it. I have five of my six kids remote learning and it's great for organizing their school supplies and sturdy enough to hold our printer. I would definitely recommend this item." —GrowingMommy

    Price: $69.99

    28. A no-tools-necessary entertainment center that will keep all of your television accessories at bay while you watch all of Netflix. Its sleek, low-profile design and choice of five colors mean it can be ~at home~ in any space.

    The center in black holding a TV and two white storage bins

    P.S. Add some fabric storage bins to give your DVDs a little more privacy. Wait, do people still have DVDs?

    Promising Review: "Nice and sleek. I have a big TV on top and a smaller TV on the right side. Good gaming setup and tons of room for accessories, controllers, and games. It comes apart easily and doesn't take up too much space." —CodeCarp

    Price: $29.20

    29. A storage shelf with matching bins to keep all your prized possessions in one place. This is marketed for use by lil' ones, but tbh, we could *all* benefit from this kind of storage and accessibility.

    The shelf in gray holding miscellaneous items

    It comes in three colors to match your home's color palette and includes nine plastic bins that fit snugly inside.

    Promising Review: "This organizer has been the answer to my prayers. I literally just chuck my kid's toys in any open plastic bin and I don't have to worry about them causing any damage. It doesn't look overtly 'kid' at a quick glance and it really just blends into the room. It is sturdy, functional, and fashionable." —MamaBear34

    Price: $59.99

    30. A set of three woven storage baskets because honestly, being organized is really just putting things in designated containers. These versatile bbs come in five colors and boast that sophisticated rattan look with the durability of a metal frame and plastic strapping.

    The bins in red holding items in a closet

    The set comes with one 8.3-inch by 11.4-inch by 5.5-inch bin, one 9.8-inch by 13-inch by 6-inch bin and one 11.4-inch by 14.6-inch by 6.5-inch bin.

    Promising Review: "I wanted baskets to hold and 'hide' various items in the kitchen on a glass-front shelving unit. I couldn't be happier with the look and function. The rubberized/plastic coating on the baskets makes for easy cleanup, and I don't have to look at all the items scattered over the shelves." —MississippiMeMe

    Price: $32.09

    31. An over-the-cabinet plastic bag holder, because you'll need something to line your small trashcans with! Keep these babies in one place and ready to go to work. Plus, you can finally retire the ~bag of bags~ that you're currently using.

    The holder filled with bags

    Promising Review: "It fits on pantry doors as well which is what I was looking for. Holds quite a few bags. Will be ordering another." —alissa

    Price: $13.28

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