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    12 Things That'll Make Hanging Out At Home More Comfortable

    These products from our Goodful shop will ensure that home is where the *comfort* is.

    1. A soft and breathable bathrobe that you'll love puttering around the house in. The kimono-style garment, available in an array of sophisticated colors, will have you looking *and* feeling good.

    a model wearing the robe in charcoal

    2. A thermoregulating duvet cover for when you want to be wrapped in bamboo softness but don't want to feel like you're on fire. Enjoy relaxing in your bed again — even when it's hot out.

    the duvet covefr and matching pillowcases in denim on a bed

    3. A lovely aromatherapy candle that will deliver a blend of scents to create a chill vibe. Calm your body, quiet your mind, and prepare for a restful slumber (just remember to blow it out).

    The burning candle on a nightstand

    4. A tube of thermogenic gel to soothe your muscles and level up your relaxation game. Don't let a big workout or a hectic day leave you tense and uncomfortable — ease your mind and body with this relaxing formula.

    the tube next to othher bath products

    5. A loosey goosey jumpsuit perfect for throwing on when you need a break from tight clothing. The relaxed silhouette and wide legs are perfect for tending to the garden, curling up with a book, or watching a movie.

    a. model in the blue jumpsuit

    6. A luxe towel set that you'll likely want to buy *at least* two of. Their waffle design is gentle on your sensitive skin for a pleasant, spa-like experience every time you use them.

    the set in sage in a home

    7. A cool and warm mist humidifier to keep the air in your home feeling wonderful. Add your favorite scent to the essential oil pad to set the mood.

    the humidifier

    8. A cozy cardigan that is perfect lounge attire. With a boxy fit and slightly cropped hemline, it is unrestrictive and basically a must-have.

    a model wearing the cardigan and pants

    9. An ultra-soft Turkish blanket because sometimes summer nights on the porch can get chilly. Wrap yourself up in this gorgeous throw and watch the fireflies in perfect peace.

    the blanket in textured shadow

    10. A crystal grid that hangs on your wall and creates a harmonious, calm space for doing whatever it is you're up to. Relax your soul and elevate your everyday with this gorgeous piece.

    the grid hanging on a wall

    11. A cordless table lamp you can move around and adjust to your desired brightness. It ensures that your lighting always adapts to your mood (try relaxing under fluorescent overhead lighting, I dare you).

    the light in use on a table

    12. An olive green set that is more comfortable and breathable than your 10-year-old sweats and T-shirt. They can be worn together or separately for lounge outfits that look as good as they feel.

    a model wearing the set with sandals