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    18 Funny And So-Called "Immature" Habits That People Have Held Onto Well Into Adulthood

    I haven't blown a straw wrapper at someone in a while, but I think that might be a mistake on my part.

    So much of the internet is occupied with the question of how to grow up. But what about those of us who, yes, pay our taxes and floss (...most of the time), but also don't want to let go of some of the simplest things that brought us joy in childhood? There was an abundance of submissions on that very topic when redditor u/Due_Winner_2026 posed this question to r/AskWomen: "What’s something that is incredibly immature that you will never stop doing?" Here are 18 foods, jokes, and activities that folks will never give up, age be damned.

    Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

    1. "Buying dino nuggets. They taste better than the regular ones, they just do."


    2. "I eat my popcorn with my tongue like a lizard."


    3. "Building pillow forts. I used to build them after rough weeks at work to chill out and watch movies in. Then I got my husband in on it (cuddling and fun times in pillow forts is fun, y’all). Then I built the first pillow fort for my 1.5-year-old a few weeks back when she wasn’t feeling well and we hung out and watched movies in it. I can’t wait to keep building pillow forts with her as she gets older."


    4. "Setting the thermostat to 69 and cackling."


    5. "Giving myself a boost, then jumping on the back of my grocery cart and riding on the way to the car."


    6. "Seeing a cow or horse and saying 'cow/horse.'"


    7. "Blowing the paper from my straw wrapper at my kids, hubby, or whomever is with me. I can’t help myself!"


    8. "Talking to objects, and giving voices to animals and stuffed animals."


    9. "Whenever someone asks me if I've seen a lost item and I respond with 'Did you check your butt?'"


    10. "Whenever I make a turn or merge with a yield sign, I yell 'I yield to no man!' while safely merging/yielding."


    11. "Whenever my husband and I see a naked butt or boob on TV, we yell out the body part like a pre-teen kid. We are both 70."


    12. "Saying 'JINX' when me and someone else say the same thing at the same time. You cannot stop me."


    13. "I play with my boyfriend. Like actual wrestling or chasing or whatever, like children. We make each other laugh, and feel young and alive daily. I will never stop it."


    14. "Saying 'in bed' after reading a fortune from a fortune cookie."


    15. "Running up the stairs on all fours, AKA 'beast mode.'"


    "Running up the basement stairs like a monster lives down there."


    16. "Saying hi to stray cats and dogs whenever I see one, but avoiding my ex-classmates so I won't have to make small talk."


    17. "My friend somehow came across a TON of Squishmallows. She gave me big one and oh my god, it's the best thing ever. It's sitting next to me right now."


    18. And finally: "'That's what she/he said' and 'title of your sex tape' jokes. It's like a reflex now, I can't help it."