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    21 Extremely Clever Details You May Have Missed From Movies Released In 2021

    Of course the Red Guardian has Karl Marx's name tattooed on his knuckles.

    1. The Suicide Squad's Rick Flag has a tattoo on his arm reading "Skwad," a tribute to the last time the Suicide Squad all got together.

    2. Speaking of tattoos: The Red Guardian, a hero of the Soviet Union, has Karl Marx's name tattooed on his knuckles.

    3. And some of the ink on his arm translates to "Natasha" and "Elena," the names of his surrogate daughters.

    4. The trusty Pixar restaurant Pizza Planet apparently has locations in Italy, based on the appearance of this delivery Vespa in Luca.

    5. The Pixar ball appears during the bike race portion of the Portorosso Cup.

    6. When Luca hits his head, he sees anchovies instead of stars because of something he was told by Alberto.

    7. Zack Snyder appears as a coffee shop patron in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

    8. "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton plays while Kevin Rosario is on hold with Stanford in the movie adaptation of another one of Lin-Manuel Miranda's musicals, In the Heights.

    9. Kong uses the same move to fight King Kong in Godzilla vs. Kong as he did in 1962.

    10. One of Moana's animal sidekicks, Hei Hei the chicken, appears in Raya and the Last Dragon.

    11. And in the credits, there's a reference to something everyone who worked from home during the pandemic heard (and said) a lot.

    12. In Cruella, Cruella watches a movie starring Tallulah Bankhead, who was one of the inspirations for the character. The movie is Lifeboat (1944).

    13. An email inbox shown in Space Jam: A New Legacy references the vintage Space Jam website. The subject line is "Can someone update the SJ website?" It's fourth from the bottom.

    14. Katie's socks in The Mitchells vs. the Machines share a pattern with some very famous carpeting.

    15. A camcorder in the same movie lets the audience know how much longer they have until it ends.

    16. And one character — Aaron Mitchell — wears a shirt that reflects his distinctive nervous habit.

    17. A subway ad in Tom and Jerry references Joker for some reason.

    18. James Earl Jones, who performed the famous "This is CNN" tagline for years, announces "This is ZNN" in Coming 2 America. 

    19. The correct sequence to complete the bonding process in The Tomorrow War is 007.

    20. Some signs in Moxie get rearranged to show the progression of the characters' fight against sexism.

    21. And finally, The Boss Baby: Family Business references Spirit: Untamed, the movie that was supposed to be the next DreamWorks film to get released.

    As always, thank you to the wonderful and extremely attentive people over at r/MovieDetails.

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