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    I Have Some Questions About How The British Royal Family, Uh, Works — So I Found The Answers

    Let's get to the bottom of this whole corgi situation.

    Following Queen Elizabeth II's recent death, there has been non-stop coverage of her long reign and legacy, her successor King Charles III, and what comes next for the monarchy, which is revered by some, politely ignored by others, and made the subject of many a "wait, why does this still exist" conversation by the remainder.

    Queen Elizabeth II smiling and waving

    1. I don't know much, but I know that when you see a royal, you're supposed to bow or curtsy. But do members of the royal family bow and curtsy to each other?

    Kate curtsying to the Queen

    2. On the off chance that a Windsor invites me to tea, what should I call them?

    jam and butter on bread

    3. How often do they break out the really shiny stuff?

    4. Are ladies-in-waiting still a thing?

    The Queen smiling with Lady Susan Hussey behind her

    5. Exactly how much money do these people have, anyway?

    a marching band outside the palace

    6. How royal do you have to be to marry a royal?

    7. Do royal kids go to school and, later, university? Or are they taught by private tutors? Has a single one of them ever failed a test?

    the Queen with her daughter

    8. People seemed to really like Queen Elizabeth II, even people who would otherwise be opposed to a monarchy. But how do the people feel about King Charles III?

    Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles both sitting on royal thrones

    9. And finally: What's with all the corgis?

    Queen Elizabeth II smiling and a corgi looking up at her

    What are some questions you have about the royal family? Tell me about them in the comments!