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    7 Reasons Why RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Is The Solution To All Your Problems

    Okay maybe not ALL of them, but close enough! This is for the Editorial Fellowship

    1. The new format gives the queens the opportunity to show off their performance skills right away.

    World of Wonder / Via Giphy /

    The lip-sync for your life is one of the most beloved elements of any episode of RuPaul's Drag Race - I know, there's a lot to choose from - and I'm happy to report that Season 13 is here to meet the demands of the people. The premiere kicks off not with the traditional entrance of all the contestants, but with a lip-sync battle royale. Two (or three) queens compete, and despite their shock at finding themselves on the main stage so soon, they channel all their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent into their performances. Don't worry, though: Even if your favorite queen got the "Pork Chop," their journey on Drag Race isn't over yet.

    2. The looks are - to quote Laganja Estranja - "sickening!"

    World of Wonder / Via Giphy /

    If you're in need of fashion inspiration, look no further than this cast of style icons! Whether they sew their own costumes or outsource them to professional designers, every contestant shows up to the weekly themed runway ready to SLAY. The range of references on display - from Hollywood to couture to the history of drag - is truly astounding, and one gown actually leaves the judges speechless, for maybe the first time ever. Don't you want to find out which one? (Spoiler alert: It. Is. GLORIOUS!)

    3. This cast is STACKED with amazing queens who reflect the diversity of the drag community.

    World of Wonder / Via Giphy /

    Please welcome to the stage, the first transgender man to compete on RuPaul's Drag Race, ever! Gottmik (who uses male pronouns out of drag and female pronouns in character) is already legendary for her makeup skills and amazing "Condragulations" verse - she references being told she couldn't do drag, and whoever did must be embarrassed now - and the presence of a trans man in the Werkroom is a truly exciting moment in the show's history. Plus, the cast as a whole is one of the most diverse on TV, as befits an art form that celebrates and elevates the things that make you unique. If you're seven feet tall in heels, you deserve to be seen, and Drag Race delivers that.

    4. By Episode 3, Season 13 gifts us not one but TWO new jams.

    World of Wonder / Via Giphy /

    "Now available on iTunes" is one of the rallying cries of RuPaul's media empire, and Season 13 wastes no time in adding two new songs to her catalogue: The lip-sync winner's circle performs "Condragulations" in Episode 2, and in Episode 3, the Pork Chopped queens shake off their early losses with a spectacular rendition of "Phenomenon." My favorite verses are Symone's - "The name's Symone and I'm here for the throne, beat face and I'm Arkansas grown" - and Rosé's - "Feast your eyes on this bonnie lass!" What're yours?

    5. It's literally impossible to get to the end of an episode without laughing out loud.

    World of Wonder / Via Giphy /

    The Drag Race extended universe is full of hilarious queens - whether they shine in stand-up, acting challenges, confessionals, or all three - and Season 13 immediately builds on that legacy. The most iconic funny moment so far? When Utica Queen - a Seventh Day Adventist - cycled through a rainbow of emotions when RuPaul asked her if she's ever smoked weed. Straight to the camera, and without saying a word, she admits to it, takes it back, makes us question the nature of reality, and then admits to it again...or does she? RuPaul may never have laughed harder, and you can be sure you'll have a similar reaction.

    6. If you're here for the drama - no judgment! - the always entertaining Untucked airs immediately after each episode.

    World of Wonder / Via Giphy /

    Some of the most iconic moments in Drag Race herstory happened not on the main stage or in the Werkroom, but during the contestants' down time on post-show Untucked. (Both Shangela's "Because I'm what? Sickening!" and Aja's "You're perfect, you're beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista" are Untucked quotes.) The moments in between getting the judges' critiques and finding out who will be lip-syncing for their life are often tension-filled and explosively emotional, and if you want every detail about who the queens are - and how they feel about each other - then you have to stick around to watch.

    7. The competition is fierce, but the show is ultimately about confidence, self-love, and lifting up these incredible artists.

    World of Wonder / Via Giphy /

    In Episode 2, RuPaul gives a beautiful speech to the Winner's Circle queens, reminding them that even though this is a competition, not a single one of the over 160 contestants to have competed on the show is a loser. Only one of them may be walking away with that prize package, but the simple act of being there and being themselves makes each and every person in that room a winner. If nothing else has convinced you to tune in, this should, because it's the exact sort of positivity and passion we need more of in 2021.

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