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6 Daily Habits That Are Unhealthy For You

Our habits define who we are and our health. If you install healthy habits, it will increase your longevity and keep you healthy. On the other hand, unhealthy habits are not good for our life. They will lead to various diseases. Here, I have listed a few unhealthy habits that you must change to lead a wonderful life.

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1. Sitting Whole Day / Via

Sitting for a long period leads to many health problems. Moreover, it is common among the people who have to perform desk jobs. According to research by Alberta Health Service, sitting for a whole day is as dangerous as smoking. Also, it leads to heart disease, depression, and diabetes.

2. Eating Too Much Meat and Cheese / Via

Meat is rich in protein. Hence, when you consume more protein, you are increasing the calorie consumption. If you do not work hard or exercise, the calorie will convert into fat instead of energy. Moreover, the animal proteins are rich is IGF-1, a growth hormone, which stimulates the growth of cancer cells.

3. Using Unhealthy Toilet / Via

According to a study, unsanitary toilets are responsible for hundreds of diseases. Therefore, you have to put effort to clean the toilet routinely. The physicians recommend the height adjustable squatting toilet because they are good for the ligaments of the legs.

4. Soft Drinks / Via

The soft drinks may lead to fatal diseases like cancer. They contain chemicals like phosphoric, citric, and carbonic acid. Also, some companies mix artificial flavors. Some of the soft drinks contain color that is not food grade. Hence, when you drink them regularly, you invite various kinds of diseases.

5. Not Taking Sufficient Sleep / Via

Sleeping for certain hours in a day is vital for our body. When we sleep, our immune system becomes active. Also, it recovers our body from all the stresses that we take throughout the day. As a result, people who do not sleep for at least 6 hours a day face problems like depression, weak brain, and lack of concentration.

6. Sleeping for Long Hours / Via

Most of us have the habit of sleeping for long hours. But it is not a good practice. When we sleep for more than recommended 8 hours, our body starts to release certain chemicals that weaken the immune system. As a result, our body becomes weak to fight against the virus and bacteria.

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