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A coffee and a conversation can be more than what it seems to be...

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She: You know I have never liked this. These days you never bother to ask what I want.

He: As far as I know this is what you've wanted since quite some time now. Your preferences seem to be changing inch by inch.

She: That's utter rubbish. You do this all the time. You think I never realize but you dress what you want want in such a way that the world including your 'in denial' self thinks it is what I want.

He: You're being delusional. What I want is ortrayed by me in the simplest orm that to in words. Unlike you who tends to answer all my questions in a 'I don't know' leaving it upto me to decide what is it exactly that you want.

She: Are you kidding me? Have you heard of ' happy is the hand that is pointing at the other'?!

He: (Haha) Classic response eh?! Don't you think this is an overused strategy and you need to think of a better and a new way of blaming me for anything and everything that goes against your will? I certainly do.

She: From the looks of where this conversation is headed, I don't think it is going to end anytime soon.

He: Yes. Also, from the looks of that couple they don't seem to be having such a heated converstaion like the one we've cooked up for them.

She: I think it is time to stop this. Recently, every time we step out we make this imaginative conversation for some other couple sitting in our vicinity. I think it's getting boring.

He: Hmmmmm. What bothers me is the fact that every time we do this, our conversation turns into an argument. It's like slowly our issues tend to speak for those strangers.

She: I'm sorry I got lost in the menu. Did you say something worth my ears?

He: Nevermind. Order a pasta for me.

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