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7 Ideas To Jazz Up Your Wedding Cakes

You no longer have to settle for the simple, default wedding cake designs. You can now customize and personalize your wedding cakes by giving it a cultural touch.

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1. Henna Design Cake

What better way to indianize a wedding cake than decorating it with henna inspired designs. It looks simple and classy. You can play with different colour combinations and customize it as per your taste.

2. Drape It

Give the generic wedding cake a twist by draping the cake with an edible saree. You can match the edible draped saree with that of the bride's outfit and surprise her with a matching cake.

3. Play With The Flavour

Get over the chocolate and vanilla flabours. Ask the baker to whip a completely unique cake for your wedding reflecting your favourite dessert through its flavour. My personal favourite is the gulab jamun cake (coz duh! it's gulab jamun.) Besides gulab jamun, there's rass malai cakes, mango rassmalai cake, rossgulla cake, etc. 

4. Dholak Cake

This dholak cake looks unreal. I was amazed just like you ae when i set my eyes upon it. You can surprise the bride with a dholak or a shehnai cake on her mehendi day and make it extra special.

5. Saree Cake

I want this cake to be included in my wedding festivities. I shall pester anybody and everybody about this. Just look at it. It doesn't even look like a cake. It's so perfect symbolizing some important aspects for a bride in her wedding.

6. Doll Cake With A Twist

Doll cake was such a rage when i was a kid (10 years back or so) Everybody wanted one for their birthdays. Well, you can still have one bridal doll cake. You can also get a groom doll cake and arrange for a cute couple cake.

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