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6 Ways To Give Kalti To Denims This Summer.

Summer is around the corner. Beat the heat with these pants, for denims are not our only option.

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1. High Waisted Pants

This trend has been in vogue since 2 years now, and if you are one of those who never paid heed to it thinking of it to be just like the other trends. I think it's time you pay attention to it because, this trend is here to stay. The best part about these pants is that you'll find a pair for any look that you want to go for. I don't see this trend dying anytime soon. Frankly, I'd cry a silent cry if it does.

2. Culottes

Culottes- Hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants. I love this definition for some reason.😃😃

I love the formal look that culottes give you at the same time providing you with the much needed comfort and airy appearance which is exacty what you need during the summers.

3. Cotton Pants

I detest wearing denims on hot summer days, cotton pants are such a respite from the suffering. There are so many designs available, that you will definitely find one that matches your personality. My personal favourite is the drop-crotch pant, apart from these, there are the straight-cut pants, the ankle-length pants, the flared pants, the wide-legged pants and many more.

5. Tulip Pants

There are a few varieties of tulip pants available in the market, but, I love the trend of pairing the tapered tulip pants with a kurti. It instantly transforms your meh look. The comfort it provides is immense and is such a fresh alternative to a chudidar.

6. Wide-Legged Pants

These are my peronal favourite, not just for the summers, but all round the year. So comfortable yet so chic. Pair these wide legged pants with a t-shirt for a casual brunch look, put together a formal look by pairing these pants with a shirt, or swap the shirt for a bralette or a crop top for a party look. Acessorize as per your taste and you're ready to go.

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