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50 Reasons To Support Mayor Walsh

The Boston mayoral election is 50 days away– here's why you should stand with Marty.

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2. He’s been representing Dorchester since before it was cool

4. Because Marty stands up for Boston’s most vulnerable — he opened the first Office of Recovery Services

5. Because he’s building a more resilient Boston — he joined 100 Resilient Cities and started the Office of Racial Equity

6. He’s moving Boston into the future — by investing $1 billion in our public schools, students now have access to more hours of learning and the highest graduation rates in Boston’s history

10. Because he understands that Boston needs affordable housing — and he's committed to building 53,000 new housing units by 2030.

12. Because he’s working to diversify the police force by reinstating the Police Cadet program.

16. Because through Operation Exit he’s creating opportunities for everyone to succeed, despite their past

17. Because he knows every kid deserves early access to education, and is fighting for universal pre-K for all of Boston’s children

21. Because he’s building a better Boston from the ground up

29. Because he supports moving new markets like the tech industry to Boston

33. Because he's improving our daily commute — with plans like GoBoston2030 he's making Boston a more transportation friendly city.

34. Because he’s changing conversations about health — with the expansion of fitness programs across neighborhoods and his challenge to the tobacco industry, he is ensuring Bostonians are in the best condition.

36. He knows that having fun starts at the library — he understands that these neighborhood resources are invaluable to our community for our upcoming generations.

37. Because he's getting guns off of our streets and taking action to break cycles of violence.

38. Because he knows that going green is more than just a trend -- he is protecting our waterfront and advocating for our environment.

49. Because he's got a plan for Boston's future — a 50 year plan.

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