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Positivity Plain And Simple

I don't have all the answers, but I do have some. Free your mind and take a trip into mine.

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If you're like me, 2016 gave me more bumps and bruises than any other year of my life. I broke bones, broke hearts, and had my own heart broken. I struggled with money, work, and my environment as a whole. The year isn't even over yet and part of me is afraid what the rest holds. Now, how have I stayed so positive you ask? I picked myself up, brushed off the dirt, and finally decided this wasn't the life I wanted to live. Get ready to open your mind, and take these 5 real life tips into consideration.

5. Change your state of mind:

Easier said than done, I know, but it's completely true. If you don't like the way you've been thinking, change it. Believe in yourself and the universe will follow. Your environment is only as good as the work you put into it. Do the things you've been putting off for so long. Go to that job interview, talk to that person you've been crushing on, exercise or take up that hobby you've always been interested in! If you're having troubles like the ones I've had you need to remember this one important thing; "Nothing is permanent". You WILL get through this and you will be better because of it. I have changed as a person more in the last few months than the 21 years I've been alive.

4. Find yourself again:

What was that thing you used to love to do? Get back into it. Or better yet, try new things you never had the chance to do! This goes right along with finding yourself. The more you do and experience, the more you'll know what you like and don't like. Go outside and be with nature. Be one with yourself and the stars above you. Maybe recently your mind has been taken over by the opinions of others, so take time to seriously think about topics you are passionate about and mold your own thoughts and ideas.

3. Regain your confidence:

You CAN and you WILL. Ignore the ones trying to bring you down and remove them from your life. Trust your gut and don't think twice. Did someone tell you you can't? Prove to not only them, but yourself that you are more than capable to achieve anything you set your mind to. I once read a quote that said "Do one thing everyday that scares you" it's uncertain who that quote was really by, but it's definitely something to think about.

2. Everything happens for a reason:

You were meant to be exactly where you are today. The bad things in your life had to happen for the great things ahead. Repeat that to yourself as many times as you need to until you truly believe it. The universe already knows what it has in store for your future. Don't fight fate, just go with the flow and smile as much as you can. It may not be clear to you now, but you'll see as time goes on. The things that didn't go your way will show you as to why, and don't forget to make every little thing you do, count.

1. Never settle for less than you deserve:

After you follow these tips and change your state of mind, you'll know exactly what you want, who you want, and when you want it. You will realize what you are worth and how you should be treated by the people in your life. If your significant other hasn't been showing you respect, do yourself a favor and find someone who will. If that boss doesn't see how hard you work after 10 years of nothing but dedication, it's time to move on to bigger and better things. Stop asking "how?" and start saying "when".

Don't worry, I'm not saying you can't be upset when bad things happen, and these tips won't magically cure everything not so perfect in your life, but just remember it's never the end of the world. You are strong, and you are capable. A negative state of mind will also turn your energy sour. Cleanse your soul and your space. Keep your head up and make yourself into a better person than you were yesterday. Here's to making 2017 the positive place you've been looking for.

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