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7 Things You Didn't Know Your Hair Can Do For You!

If you’re a man who is concerned about what happens on the top of your head, you may be surprised to learn that your hair has more power than you’d believe. Just for fun, here are seven things you didn’t know your hair can do for you. Men’s hair can:

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1. Turn Heads


Your hair can turn heads, of men and women. If your posture is right and you swagger with confidence, you’ll receive envious glances from men (who want to know your secret) and admiring glances from females (who want to watch you walk). The trick is, to make it look effortless, as if you got out of bed with a perfectly styled Barnett, as if style is just something that happens and you have no control over it. Good products will help with this, like the Abyssinian Clay from Oliver J. Woods Hair.

2. Inspire Respect

If you’ve got your hair together, people will assume you’ve got your life together. It’s that simple, and that shallow. We’re all quite impressionable really.

3. Start Conversations

If your head creates envious looks from men, it will start conversations. They want to know your secret. Even women will want to know your secret if you have soft, healthy looking locks, and so the conversation begins.

4. Star in Fantasies

It’s not just men that have fantasies. Women do too, and if your hair is effortlessly styled, you can bet it plays a starring role in many a women’s daydreams. There’s nothing sexier than a well groomed bloke.

5. Bag That Promotion

If you’re well groomed at your interview, your new boss knows you’ll be perfectly presented every single day. That’s the kind of consistency an employer loves.

6. Attract Men and Women

It’s not just the style of your hair that can attract men and women, it’s the smell too. Using products like Perilla Oil and Blackseed Wax will make sure you look and smell great every time.

7. Give You Power

Ancient Greeks believed that a man’s hair was his strength. This may be why men worry so much when it starts to fall out. Regardless of this belief there’s no denying that when your hair looks great, you feel empowered. Find no fuss, quick ways to keep your hair under control and benefit from all the above.

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