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Ten European Destinations You Should Add To Your Itinerary

Yes there's Paris, Rome and London- but what about Skopelos, Lucerne or Tallinn?

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1. Bergen, Norway

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Bergen is Norway's second largest city. It is located on the west coast of Norway and features an oceanic climate meaning there's no outstanding variation in temperature throughout the year making it the perfect place to visit any time. Take a ride on the funicular (a tram) up Mount Floyen for picturesque views of the city, check out the wharf (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and explore the nearby fjords.

2. Skopelos, Greece

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Skopelos is a Greek Island located in the Aegean Sea and is only accessible by ferry. With a population of less than five thousand people, the island still has its charm. Tourists are becoming more prominent as people search for untouched, genuine island life. If you're in the mood to explore- there are many beautiful churches such as the Panagitsa of Pyrgos in Skopelos Town. The main attractions however are the beaches. Panormos, Kastani and Velanio are the top rated spots on TripAdvisor.

3. Salzburg, Austria

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Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, looks like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. The town, located near the German border, is well-known for its stunning baroque architecture which has earned it the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Salzburg Altstadt is the Salzburg old town, a definite must-see. Dine on Austrian cuisine at Gasthof Schloss Aigen or visit the place that Mozart was born and lived in.

4. Comino Island, Malta

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Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy between Europe and North Africa. Comino Island is located between Malta and Gozo. It's only 3.5 square kilometres big and free of vehicles which makes it a nice escape to what feels like a world away. There is only one resort on the island and a grand total of four residents. Here, the Blue Lagoon is the main attraction (pictured.)

5. Lucerne, Switzerland

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Lucerne (or Luzern) is located in the German-speaking part of central Switzerland. The city is a great place for both those who love nature and those who love to explore cities. Lucerne's location makes it the perfect place to explore some of the mountains part of the Alps, such as Mount Pilatus and Switzerland's stunning lakes specifically, Lake Luzern.

6. San Sebastian, Spain

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San Sebastian lies on the northern Spanish coast near the French border. Like its neighbouring country, San Sebastian is well known for its culinary offerings ranging from Michelin starred restaurants to little pintxo bars. Take a stroll down the 4 mile long Phantom Beach, visit the Aquariam or take the funicular (a gondola/tram) up Mount Igueldo to see the best view of the city and visit the amusement park while you're there.

7. Porto, Portugal

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Porto is Portugal's second largest city. It's located on the Douro River in the northern area of the country. It feels older and more quaint than Lisbon but just as charming. It's the birthplace of Port wine, which you can taste at the wineries (such as Cálem or Sandeman) along the river. The São Bento railway station (pictured) is also a must see due to its beautiful art which depicts the history of Portugal.

8. Tallinn, Estonia

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When you think of Europe, Estonia probably isn't the first country that comes to mind. However there are a few things that stand out about this nation. Estonia is one of the least religious countries in the world, it has 2000 islands and its' citizens vote online! Regardless, Tallinn, its capital, maintains that historic European charm that travellers love to see. Visit the Masters' Courtyard that houses the most skilled craftsmen of the Old Town and the Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum where you can explore on bicycle.

9. Hvar, Croatia

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Croatia has recently gained more traction on holiday-goers radars, especially as a summer destination. If you're looking for a good mix of relaxation and exploration, this may be the country for you! An island in the Adriatic, Hvar offers some of the nicest beaches in Europe and is fast becoming a popular island to visit. One of the most-loved beaches is Dubovica.

10. Düsseldorf, Germany

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Düsseldorf may not be your first choice destination when visiting Germany. Though it may not be as renowned as its counterparts Berlin or Munich, Düsseldorf has just as much to offer, especially on the culture scale as it's well known for its fashion and art scene. It's small enough to explore on foot while still offering a big city feel. Visit the Schloss Benrath which is almost like a mini-Versailles, walk down the Rhine River Promenade or the many art museums such as the Kunsthalle, Museum Kunstpalast or the K20 gallery.

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