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Which Member Of Of DJ SAM Are You?

This group has had way too many experiences this year, and know way too much about each other. Who do you relate with more? David, Julia, Sophie, Abi, or (Zak) Marsh?

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  1. Which is your favorite drink of choice?
    Two sips of anything
    Coke and Rum
    Vodka shots
    Anything on the rocks
  2. How often do you nap?

    Zak (Follow me on snap)
    Every Monday
    Twice a day
    Once a month... Maybe
    Three times a week, some for 20 min, some for 5 hours
  3. Where will you be on a Tuesday night?
    Tequila Tuesday, where else?
    In bed by 9
    Club lib, life of a science major
    Eating subway watching netflix
    At the pool, can't leave a shift uncovered
  4. What is your favorite campus restaurant?

    Stock images
    Global Fresh
    Elevation Burger
    Pie and Fry, mostly cause Allen
  5. You're going the hospital, why?

    Tramadol Overdose (But it was an accident I swear)
    You tripped and fell, but it took your friends two weeks to convince you to go.
    You're just going along, gotta get off campus some how.
    Alcohol poisoning
    Accidentally obtained an STD... I didn't know you could get it from kissing
  6. what is your outfit of choice?

    Lucky if I put a bra on
    Either a Chad of AU or grout fit, no in between
    I do not leave my room without make-up or a greek life shirt
    White Bethesda mom
    White boy who just learned how to dress himself
  7. How many drinks does it take to get you drunk?
    3 shots, but I pregamed with a bottle alone in my room before
    A whiff of Mikes Hard lemonade
    A handle
    5 shots
    A healthy half-bottle of wine
  8. Whats your catch phrase?

    I'm tired
    *insert bad pun here*
    Oh honey/sweeite/ buddy
    I'm triggered
  9. Job after graduation?
    Somewhere in Music
    Delivering babies
    Lawyer, even though thats a lot more school
    I'm gonna be a cop, stop killing my dreams
    Spearheading the fight against the next epidemic in Africa
  10. Pick a vine:
    Its an Avocado, Thanks
    Via Vine
    Its an Avocado, Thanks
    Via Vine
    Free Shavacado!
    Via Vine
    Free Shavacado!
    Via Vine
    Via Vine
    "She said I'm ugly, i said bish where"
    Via Vine
    Quincy, we are going on a road trip!
    Via Stock photos
    Quincy, we are going on a road trip!
    Via Stock photos
    Take on me girl
    Via Vine
    Take on me girl
    Via Vine
  11. Favorite TV Show?
    Friends is good at all times
    How I Met Your Mother
    Greys Anatomy
  12. What was your senior superlative?

    AU Subway biddie
    Most likely to commit a sin against God
    Most likely to travel the world
    Most likely to be the doctor and the patient
    Most likely to be found at the dog park

Which Member Of Of DJ SAM Are You?

You got: Zak

oh honey... you are the token cute blonde gay of the group. you seem to have your life together even though your hair says otherwise. You enjoy staying busy, and keep your job to use it as a way to avoid social activities.

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You got: David

Dudeeeee, your puns are so bad but just the perfect amount of lovable. You're a child at heart, and love anything comic books, video games, or cartoons related. You're easy to talk to, but will talk a mile a minute every time you're excited or nervous. You love anything that moves, but especially girls. #sundressszn

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You got: Julia

Wicked! you got Julia. You may have been transported, but don't worry, it probably wasn't your fault. You're a care taker, but will admit that some times it gets to be a lot. You love your room mate, and you're not racist because of it! and no matter what anyone says, you're from Boston (Even if you're 30 minuets outside)

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You got: Sophie

EEEEEEEEEEE! Although you may be a world traveler, you'd lose a fight to a grain of rice, and in fact have. Your ADHD has made you run around at 2 am and want everything. Even when you're sick, you don't let anything stop you from going to crew or any other activity, including leading a tour with no voice. You're only African when its convenient, as you damn well should.

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You got: Abi

*rolling eyes* Oh my god. I can't believe it. You are the most bougie of anyone you know. You love your big more than anyone else, and you also love your tattoos. You have multiple groups of friends, but god forbid the groups mesh more than just once or twice. you're more srat than anyone, and aint afraid to show it. BYE!

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