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16 Tricks Only Real-Deal Travelers Know

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1. Clear space on your phone before you leave.


That moment when the sun is rising over the city and the sky explodes with color... but you can't take any photos because you don't have enough memory? Avoid it.

2. Have a go-to packing list document.


There are key items you'll need to bring wherever you go, and you can create different categories for seasons and various trip types. That's right... packing can actually be EASY!

4. Don't rely entirely on travel search engines.


Budget-friendly airlines may not always come up for certain countries. Find individual regional airlines and then locate flights directly through them to see if you can find a better deal.

7. Have your ride pick you up at airport departures rather than arrivals.


It is typically less hectic traffic-wise — and if there are crowds, you're dealing with happy people excited for their travels, not grumpy, jet-lagged people annoyed their trip is over...

8. Take pictures of where you park your rental car.

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Leaving a vehicle you are not accustomed to in a strange parking lot and then setting off for a full day of activity doesn't bode well for your memory.

9. Water, water, and more water.


Banish dehydration one water bottle at a time at the airport, on the plane, and while sightseeing. You'll boost your energy and avoid headaches that will have you in bed rather than out on the town.

10. And on that note, use the bathroom WHENEVER you have an opportunity.

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Even if you're not totally desperate now, you could be soon... and there might not be a WC accessible where you are going next.

13. When you first arrive in a city, climb to the highest point possible.


No better way to get a full layout of neighborhoods and landmarks! Plus, you obviously want the first picture you share on social media to be a scenic shot. Duh.

15. All booze is not created equal — do your research.


"I've only had three beers, why do I feel like I've had six??" Because you're in a different part of the world, and alcohol-content wise, you have. Actually, more like eight...

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