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The 12 Most Desperate Things You've Done To Get Wi-Fi

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3. Or you've just held your phone above your head until your arms are on fire.

Andrei Spirache / Getty Images

"Hit my data limit... ouch... need Wi-Fi... ouch... then need to go to the gym and lift more weights!"

5. Or you've bought an incredibly overpriced, unnecessary cup of coffee in order to camp out at a restaurant.

Franek Strzeszewski / Image Source / Getty Images

Two $14 cappuccinos are worth it for three hours of social media, right...?

10. You've definitely been that person huddled in the one corner of the bar that has Wi-Fi, not socializing at all.


"Sorry, coming, I hit my data limit and just need a signal to check one more newsfeed... or eight."

11. There is NO limit to the number of hours you'll spend on hold with the cable company when your service is down.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Wavebreak Media / Getty Images

"Yes, I will sit here with all my various devices until someone can help me make them work!"

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