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Paid PostPosted on Dec 12, 2014

13 Apps To Make Your Travel Memories Last Forever

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1. For Food Porn: Vibrantly

This app is just like Instagram, but specifically for food! The filters were designed to bring out the luscious beauty of crisp, colorful vegetables, rich meats, and more. Need an excuse to order dessert? Here it is.

2. For Retro Photos: Vintage Scene

No, you did not visit Paris in the 1900s, but you can make it look like you did! Add sepia tones and a look of fading and distress that will make your photos ones for the history books.

3. For Group Shots and Selfies: Self Timer Camera

Perfect family photo opp... but a) no one else is around to take it, or b) you're too awkward to ask. Find a surface, set the timer, get yourself in there, and — boom! — holiday card! Also excellent for obligatory sightseeing selfies.

4. For Full-Sphere Panoramas: Photosynth

The bustling city that lies before you can't be captured in one frame! Take shots in all directions, and the app will stitch them together. Plus, share your creations with the Photosynth community — showing off is encouraged!

5. For Pro Nature Photos: Pro HDR

Your phone's camera may have HDR built in, but this app goes WAY beyond, allowing you to capture everything from sunsets to foliage in flawless full resolution and automatically merging light and dark exposures. Welcome to the big leagues.

6. For Action Shots: Fast Burst Camera

He's up off the jump, twists his board in a perfect spiral, and lands... just in time to see the moment captured in all its glory! You can tap for one shot or hold for a burst so you can choose the most baller photo to share later.

7. For Video Clips: Montaj

How about capturing that same snowboard jump, or perhaps the moment when your friend tries some crazy exotic food, as a video? Just shoot and shake to rearrange clips, and you can rewatch the highlights of your trip wherever, whenever.

8. For Slideshows: PicFlow

A photo to make you laugh, a photo to make you cry... Arrange with songs to match, and you've got one heck of a memorable montage. Share as a video with family and friends and get ready for some oohs and aahs.

9. For Adding Text to Photos: Phonto

Before you forget the name of the club where you danced the night away or that park where you people watched, add stylish text reminders to your photos. Perfect if your memory (and your handwriting) leave something to be desired.

10. For Postcards: Postagram

Nothing quite beats getting a real, paper postcard in the mail. Design and send photo evidence of your trip to your family and friends... or mail one to yourself so you'll have a memento waiting the second you arrive home!

11. For Journaling: Day One

So you're a writer too, huh? Leave the notebook at home and type entries into a timeline right on your phone. Exact time, date, and location will be tagged, and you can star your favorite entries to reread again and again.

12. For Organization and Storage: Trunx

This is your one-stop shop for organizing and safely storing all your photos in the cloud. Those babies won't be going anywhere!

13. And for Making Your Memories Really Stick: PicToMagnet

Pun intended. Pick a layout, choose your photos, tell 'em where to send the magnets and how you'll be paying... and soon every time you walk into your kitchen, a simple look at the fridge will take you back to all the places you'd rather be.

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