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The 11 Craziest Things Ever Expensed On A Business Trip

Man, people really have no shame in putting things on the company's tab. According to a recent survey, check out some of the craziest things that employees were found to be expensing. And for all of your legitimate business needs, choose the Residence Inn By Marriott.

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In January 2012, 1,600 US Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) were interviewed and asked to name the most unusual things they'd seen employees include in expense reports. Below are a few of the most questionable items they'd come across:

Some Other Items That Were Frequently Expensed:

- Pet food

- Speeding Tickets

- Movie Tickets

- Golf Trips

- Cigarettes

- Suits

- Toilet Paper

- Socks

- Expensive Lunches

- Flowers

- Things That Had Already Been Expensed And Reimbursed