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14 Clever Travel Hacks To Make Your Trip Awesome

Hacks aren't worth anything unless you can put them to great use. So the next time you take a trip, make sure you try one these awesome travel life-hacks. And to ease the stress of your future extended stays, make sure it's a Residence Inn By Marriott

1. Use a medicine organizer to store small earrings or rings

2. Safely pack your razor with a binder clip

3. Store necklaces in a straw to keep them from getting tangled in your suitcase

4. Roll silk scarves around empty paper towel holder for no wrinkles

5. Use straws to bring small amounts of liquid with you

6. Lip balm serves double duty as cuticle moisturizer

7. Sticking a dryer sheet among clothes in a suitcase will keep your clothes smelling fresh

8. Attach your keys and money to a binder clip and attach it to your belt for on the go shopping or for a night out on the town

9. Use a pot holder to pack a hair straightener

10. Use an empty tube of chapstick as a secret hiding spot for cash and other valuables

11. Use a Tic Tac case to store bobby pins

12. A hard plastic soap case is the perfect size to protect a camera stashed in a carry-on bag

13. Use a button to keep earrings together while traveling

14. Hole punch & O-ring to keep track of business cards