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    29 Things From Etsy That Will Make Your Wedding As Unique As You Are

    It's the small touches that make a wedding feel completely your own.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An asymmetrical wedding arch that you could DIY with any flowers, draping, or additional greenery that you want. (Yup, it'll come in two pieces so you may also split 'em up and put each one in different areas of your wedding if you're feeling jiggy like that.)

    2. A fun wedding guest puzzle as a guest book alternative to be signed by all the folks who'll always have a ~piece~ of your hearts.

    a heart-shaped board with puzzle pieces in side that guests would sign. It also has a part of the heart with no pieces that has the last name of the couple and their wedding date engraved in it

    3. Larger-than-life paper flowers to create a whimsy, garden feel for the ceremony, reception, or photo booth. Guests won't know if they're at your wedding or down the rabbit hole with Alice. 🐇🎩♥️👑🥀😜

    4. Temporary tattoos featuring you and your new spouse's pretty faces to (ironically) show everyone your love is permanent.

    5. Porcelain wedding favor boxes with a vintage style that'll make them feel like thoughtful family heirlooms instead of the typical throwaway baubles.

    the wedding favor boxes made of the traditional porcelain with the blue floral print with blue fringe tassels hanging from them and a brown card with the name

    6. Personalized heart pins that the entire wedding party can wear to celebrate their favorite newlyweds. You can also use them as charming party favors.

    heart shaped pins with arrows going through them and two initials

    7. Chair signs to celebrate your love for each other, the Star Wars franchise, and finally getting to park your butts after standing so long during the ceremony. 😅

    signs with gold, cursive lettering on each chair. One chair sign says "love you" and the other says "I know." They're a two-person quote from Han Solo and Princess Leia.

    8. A pair of custom ceramic cake toppers shaped like any animal you want, real or mythical. I guarantee that no one else is going to have an armadillo wearing a tutu on their cake, so go for it!

    9. A fairytale-esque bridal cloak for people who are totally over the veil idea.

    bride in a long tulle cloak

    10. A seashell bouquet made for beach lovers who plan to have an ocean-but-make-it-bridal feel. (Also, please don't let our invite get lost in the ocean because your theme is AWESOME. 🐚🌊)

    the flower bouquet with seashells and book page white roses with pearls at the cefnter

    11. A ring bearer box for the lot of you with an affinity for the steampunk aesthetic and an industrial wedding style on your vision board. This'll def help bring your dreams to reality.

    12. A stylish DIY tabletop fireplace that'll serve as a cozy centerpiece AND can be used to bring some campfire-inspired fun to your wedding since the glass panels can be removed for s'more-roasting. Perf interactive decor idea for an outdoor reception!

    13. A bouquet photo charm to keep your loved ones close, even if they couldn't make it to the special day.

    bouquet with two small ornate charms with portraits

    14. An "I love you 3000" cake topper that you love birds will certainly ~Marvel~ over. (But not to worry. Thanos is abso-freaking-lutely NOT going to crash your wedding.)

    gold cake topper on a marble cake with gold leaf accents and flowers around it

    15. Hot air balloon centerpieces to fill up with flowers, greenery, and maybe even smaller balloons. A perfect whimsy way to ~elevate~ the traditional table centerpiece look, dontcha think?

    golden wire hot air balloon with a space for flowers to sit at the top and in the square part of the bottom of the hot air balloon

    16. A life-size wooden pet cutout of the fur baby who'll also be saying "I do" when you do! Cuteness OVERLOAD if your pet is actually there to meet their "twin." 😍😍😍

    five animated pet cutouts of dogs in different breeds including a golden

    17. A mirrored aisle runner to provide a true ~reflection~ of your impeccable taste.

    18. Destination wedding invitations designed to look like passports — they're cute and will remind your guests that they need to get their passport renewed!

    invitations that look like passports

    19. A giant candle that'll certainly help you pull your farmhouse-themed wedding together in a chic way. You could use it as a table centerpiece, entrance decor, or in any other spot that could use a theme tie-in.

    large oval tin tub (about a foot long)  with a candle inside that has multiple wicks

    20. Wooden game signs to help point guests in the right direction for some competitive fun. It's not a real wedding until your relatives and in-laws square off in a competitive game of cornhole.

    signs that say croquet, bocce ball, and cornhole

    21. A custom song plaque that'll be great table centerpieces to highlight records you two love belting out loud together. They'll also help you label tables easily if you have a seating chart.

    clear acrylic song plaque that looks like the screens on a music streaming app

    22. A big ol' wood heart featuring your names and wedding date that'll be an interesting new spin on the traditional guestbook. Instead of having to flip through pages, you can see all your loved ones' names right there.

    wooden heart that says sophie and anthony

    23. A sweet welcome sign to invite both groom's loved ones into the festive ceremony. It'll also be a cool, casual way to confirm for folks that there's no seating chart. Love a low-frills wedding.

    wooden sign that says, "Please choose a seat. There's plenty of room. You're loved by both grooms." How sweet is that?

    24. A geode ring box for when you want your ceremony to really rock.

    geode ring box with hinge

    25. A custom LED heart sign that will make guests' eyes light up when they see it. Display it by the bar or entrance so everyone knows they're at a cool wedding.

    light that's an outline of a heart with initials inside

    26. A macrame wooden swing to make the reception dinner even more fun.

    wooden board and rope swings by a table

    27. A Ouija welcome sign and skull table runner in case you wanna play up the whole "'til death" aspect of the wedding.

    28. A blush flower wall to use as the backdrop for your ceremony or group photos. You can buy packs of panels, so the wall can get as big as you'd like.

    pink floral backdrop

    29. And some glitzy rhinestone charms, because if you're gonna wear Crocs to your wedding, they might as well look the part.

    rhinestone charms

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