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The Classic, Stylish Marmot Mammoth Coat Is Back For 2021

Marmot's iconic Mammoth coat is the must-have outerwear piece for 2021.

Real fashionistas and hip-hop-heads know the Mammoth, Marmot's iconic down parka.

Black Marmot Mammoth parka with citronelle lining.

This classic coat is simple but elegant, perfect for any winter wardrobe.

The Mammoth combines a versatile silhouette with high functionality.

A man walking up stairs in a citronelle Mammoth parka.

Whether you're hanging out in Brooklyn or skiing in Banff, the Mammoth is an awesome addition to your collection.

The Mammoth started in the '80s but didn't really take off until the '90s.

A print ad for the Mammoth parka from the late 1980s featuring a skiier.

It was designed to be functional and timeless, but it really took off when it became a staple of the New York City hip-hop scene in the '90s. Nicknamed the "Biggie" coat, it was a big hit among rappers and fans alike.

By 2013, the parka was so desirable that it had become the object of of street thefts. Marmot and its dealers pulled the jacket from the market and the only way to find a “Biggie” was in the secondhand market.

A hand pulls open a black Mammoth parka with citronelle lining, revealing the "700 fill down" tag.

The stylish silhouette, 700 fill down, and waterproof GoreTex fabric were too great for fans to stay away, and online auctions were very successful.

After the successful 2019 reintroduction of the Mammoth via a collab with Opening Ceremony, the classic is back for good.

A man wearing a red Mammoth coat.

Sales have outpaced production even without any major advertising campaigns. The Mammoth is peak "if you know, you know!"

Genderless, ageless, timeless: The Mammoth is for everyone.

A woman wearing a black/citronelle Mammoth parka.

No matter your style or scene, the Mammoth parka can easily fit your wardrobe.

All images via Marmot.

The Mammoth parka is a totally awesome, totally on-trend piece for any closet, and you can pick one up for $575 here!