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10 Reasons Why Janice Is The Most Underrated Character On "Friends"

A heart of gold, a cackling laugh, and not appreciated for 10 seasons.

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1. None of the friends treat her fairly over the years.

Just because someone can be a tad annoying at times doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a chance.

2. She's passionate about her love for Chandler.

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Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but even when Chandler says he's moving to Yemen, Janice promises to remain faithful. IF THAT'S NOT LOVE, THEN WHAT IS?

3. Her confidence is through the roof.

Telling a man he loves her when he doesn't realize it himself? Heroic.

4. She tells it like it is.

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From fashion advice to addressing the elephant in the room, Janice never fails to let everyone know what the deal is.

5. Her laugh.

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No matter how long ago you watched an episode of Friends, you can still hear Janice's laugh ringing through your head.

6. She gives us one of the most memorable episodes.

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"The One With The Flashback" shows a year before the start of the show. Pre-Central Perk, Monica's apartment, and Ross and Rachel. Without Janice's nosey ways, the origin stories might have never been explained.

7. She's thoughtful.

Whether it's 🎶Joey and Janice's Day of Fun🎶 or buying Chandler little gifts, Janice never fails at trying to make other people happy.

8. She's hilarious.

Only an equally funny woman could deal with Chandler's constant jokes and sarcasm 24/7.

9. Her catchphrase is one of the most memorable of all-time.

Three words, one nasally voice.

10. And even SHE can't handle Ross.

You know it's bad when Janice, of all people, can't stand dating Ross. Remind me again how he was married three times?

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