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    If TikTok Existed In '00s Disney Channel, Here's What Your Favorite Characters Would Be Famous For

    You know the Shake It Up girlies would start the next dance trend.

    1. Lizzie McGuire - "Thinkfluencer"

    2. CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue - Dance Tok

    3. Raven Baxter - Spiritual Healing via Tarot Tok

    4. Amy Duncan - Ultimate Mom Tok

    5. Harper Finkle - DIY Fashion's Most Controversial Figure

    6. Zack and Cody Martin - Prank Tok’s Most Devastating Break Up

    7. Chad Dylan Cooper - The Lip Syncing E-Boy You Didn’t Know You Needed

    8. London Tipton - Day in the Life of a Rich Girl

    9. Miley Stewart - Radio Silence

    10. Rico Suave - Cancelled