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9 Outfits That Any Canadian Guy Would Be Happy To Wear

Mark's has cool, comfortable clothes for the casual, confident, Canadian guy.

1. The Guy Who's Looking for Love

2. The Guy Who's Always Out and About

3. The Guy Who Keeps It Casual and Classy

4. The Guy Who's King of the Concrete Jungle

5. The Guy Who's Rugged and Refined

6. The Guy Who Knows When to Layer Up

7. The Guy Who Isn't Afraid to Rock Denim on Denim

8. The Guy Who's Obsessed With the Outdoors

9. The Guy Who's About to Go Bonkers With His Boys

Mark's is committed to outfitting Canadians for life in Canada.

With casual wear, an extensive denim collection, casual footwear, outerwear, industrial and more, Mark's gives you the confidence to look and feel your best for everyday life in Canada.