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Paid PostMay 22, 2017

This Quiz About Life Will Tell You Something You Need To Hear

Find yourself zoning out like, constantly? 96% of people in the UK run on autopilot according to Marks & Spencer. Find out if you’re one of them.

  1. What does your calendar look like right now?

  2. Your idea of a perfect night is...

  3. Your neighbour asks you to pick up their friend from the train station. What do you say?

    Tippawankongto / Getty Images
  4. Your friend decides to have a party last minute, but you already had plans to go elsewhere. You... 

  5. You're out shopping. Which of these items do you buy?

  6. You've organised a date night for you and your partner, but on the day of, they ask to take a raincheck so they can see friends. What do you say?

  7. Do you prefer running on the road or in the gym?

  8. Your boss asks you to work late, but you have plans. What do you do?

    Tippawankongto / Getty Images
  9. You've forgotten your pack lunch. What do you eat instead?

  10. You and a group of friends make plans, but when it comes to it, everyone but you and one girl drops out. You...

Whether you're a People Pleaser, Passenger, or Pacer, everyone finds themselves making decisions while on autopilot. Switch yourself back "on" and start to #SpendItWell.

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